how to recognize a climber/rambler vs a regular rose?

ittaydApril 23, 2014


I'm completely new to roses and gardening, so forgive me if my question is very basic (I couldn't find it in the FAQ).

I bought a bunch of roses. According to the nursery, they are climbers. But to me they look like ordinary plants. I don't see any ways they could cling to whatever they are climbing on (in my case steel posts). This is vs vines for example that have "tentacles" for latching.

So, how do I recognize a climber (or rambler, I understand both climb, but can't figure out the distinction in the final result)


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cecily(7 VA)

Climbing roses are rose bushes with long, flexible branches that can be tied to the fence. They will never develop 'tentacles' like a grape vine. Ramblers are extremely large climbing roses that bloom once per year (in spring). A climbing rose will cover an archway. A rambler will cover the whole garage.

When your new roses become established, they will send up new canes (branches) that will be soft and flexible. These are the canes that you will tie to the fence. You can use various materials to fasten the canes to the fence (twine, old pantyhose, etc). I hope this helps.

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seil zone 6b MI

As Cecily said climbers do not have tendrils, like vines do, to latch on to things and climb on their own. They must be trained and tied to trellises and supports in order to do climbing. If left untrained or unsupported they will form large fountaining bushes.

Climbers take at least 3 years, and more often 5, to begin to climb. It takes that long for the plant to build up a large enough root ball in order to feed and support those long canes all the way to the tips. And during that time they need to have support behind them. It's thought that if they know there is something there to support them they will then send out those long canes. If not they may not produce them.

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