Pruning/Planting privet shrubs and other alternatives.

ritholtzOctober 1, 2013

I have 80' - 90' privet hedge covering my iron fence. I would like to grow it to 8' which can act as a screening hedge. Looking for any pruning/fertilizer recommendations to grow them thick and fast.


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Is it possible to move 4' privets. I have couple of gaps in my privet hedge with Indian Hawthorns. I would like to remove them and fill the gaps with new privets/ moving existing privets. Are there any better shrubs than privets which can compliment my existing privet shrub.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

growth rate is genetic ... i dont really understand the idea behind 'feeding' things to make them grow faster than they are genetically inclined to ...

looking at your pic.. that looks like some very fine growth .. and my gut tells me.. that was all this years growth.. as they look like they were sheared last year .....

other than your impatience.. what more do you need ..;

and .. BTW.. their roots are probably out under the lawn.. and if you fert your lawn.. they will get what they need ...

ANYTHING.. of any size can be moved.. its all about aftercare ... see link ...

now .. whether i would work that hard.. rather than just go buy a few new ones.. that would be the trick for me... work smart.. not hard ...

there are thousands of shrubs instead of continuing your monoculture .... but i dont know where you are.. nor what your specs are.. do you intend on shearing these also????


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Hi ken_adrian,
Thanks for your link. My zone is 8A (dfw) and very close to 7. Do I need to shear extra growth from existing privets in order to make them grow thick. Is there any guidelines like lawn mowing.

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I am planning to cut back all the top lean growth from my existing privet hedge to make them grow thick. This top growth appears in different shade of green. Is it good idea to leave at least one feet of this growth in order to make them grow taller fast. If I cut all of this back, they never grow taller right.

Can I use these clipping for planting new privets to fill gaps in the hedge.


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