Viburnum planted last Summer-leaves just starting OCT

marcydaisy(6PA)October 6, 2013

I got a gifted Viburnum bush (smaller variety) last June. I planted it last June.
This Spring --nothing happened and not one leaf appeared till last week--FIRST week of OCTOBER!!!???

What's up and how do I (or should I) protect it when Frost hits? It has it's seasons turned around! HELP!

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

If it has taken this long to produce one leaf, your shrub will not make it through the winter.....JMO

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It sounds like Ian is right. That's very abnormal behavior, even for a viburnum, which can flower at inappropriate times, but if it never leafed out this summer, it might just be using up its meager food reserves now and won't have any going into winter.

Still, leave it where it is and see what happens in spring. I"ve had a couple "dead" ones resurrect all by themselves.

It would be very helpful to know which Viburnum it is. There are so many, and there isn't a one-size-fits-all protocol for caring for them.

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Wow...I'm amazed that you let it in the ground this long. I'd have ripped it out long ago. You may as well leave it the winter and see what happens in the spring. This is unless the place where you purchased it has a money back guarantee or something. At least in the winter it won't look

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