transplant viburnums in spring?

seagreen_turtle(Z5 MI)October 6, 2010

I haven't touched them yet but is it safe for me to transplant a Michael Dodge and one other unidentified Viburnum next spring? Should I wait until after they bloom? I planted small specimens last fall and I can tell they are going to get big by how much they'e grown in one year, especially the Michael Dodge. I'd like to move them to a roomier and sunnier spot.


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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

down here in adrian mi .. i would do it in october... or late march/april ...

you are going to have to try hard to kill a viburnum .... just do it ...

loss of bloom is an issue with pruning .. not moving .... the buds for next year are already on the plant ... look close ....


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seagreen_turtle(Z5 MI)

Thanks Ken from Adrian. You've answered a question or two for me in the past though I usually just post a few times a year. I thought maybe moving the viburnums in spring might stress them out so that the buds wouldn't flower or produce fruit. I've finally got enough types of viburnums that I got fruit on all except the two newcomers (and my snowball of course) to my garden. Even my blueberry muffin finally fruited. I got some new pollinators from Fairweather gardens that must have helped.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

whether or not they are so stressed that they abort flowers.. is more of an issue of aftercare ... presuming you can dig it up without killing it ...

listen.. you gotta do.. what you gotta do .. and if you lose flowers [which are requisite for berries] for one season.. so be it .. it has to be moved ...

no need to worry about flowers.. just get the darn thing to live... you are putting the cart before the apple worrying about fruit/flower


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seagreen_turtle(Z5 MI)

They are thriving where they are now but will have more elbow room to grow if I move them to south side of house. They were babies a year ago. I planted a 3 inch butterfly bush on the south side two years ago and it's over 10 feet tall and 4 feet wide now. ALL my plants love the south and east sides of my house - basically all sun. Where the two viburnums are now are mostly shady, little sun.

I do take care of all my plants, lots of TLC, compost, wtare as(if) needed, minimal pruning.

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