Old Toro Snow Hound 20' Snowthrowers - Need help

rodco(zone 5)January 2, 2008

I am trying to find out the model #'s for the Toro SnowHounds I just bought. Both are similar, but one has a different engine. One is a Briggs the other has a Tecumseh (maybe swapped out). The Briggs is missing the air filter. Does anyone know the model #'s? factory engines?

I have several photos on my website listed below.



Pittsburgh, PA

Here is a link that might be useful: Photos of (2) Toro snowhounds

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Your pictures SHOW what model etc. the engines are!
The Briggs is a Model 81202, Type 0132.
The Code is the manf. date. YYMMDDzz
Get an IPL at the link

You can look up the various part#'s in the IPL

The Tec is an H-35 (3.5 HP) 452281.
I don't have a link to the IPL, but those numbers will allow you to buy parts at your Tec dealer.

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Nice specimens! Your not going to keep those outside, are you?

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canguy(British Columbia)

They are in nice condition. Both engines appear to be original due to the matching paint, those were not spray bombed.The Briggs likely did not have an air filter, it probably is missing an air box that contains engine heat to keep the carb from icing.
Go to Customer Care>Product Center for complete IPL, including the engine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Toro IPL

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Rodco et. al. An elderly neighbor gave me what appears to be the same thrower as your Briggs & Stratton model. Runs/looks amazing for as old as it is. I've done her driveway for years the old-fashioned way...She recently mentioned that she had a thrower sitting in her shed. She told me it was old - I didn't expect something my Dad would have used as a kid!

Just out of curiosity - does anyone know the model year on the pictured machines? Where can I find it? She didn't have the manual. It's in such good shape I'm almost afraid to use it. Any help is appreciated.

I just stumbled upon this link. If anyone has any info - including where I might find a user manual - would you mind sending me an email: wandymon@hotmail.com. Many thanks!

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Are the Snow Hounds self-propelled? Wanted to know because I am getting one.


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I had one that I inherited, back in the early 90's.
It worked 'fairly' well, but being single stage, it
clogged the chute quite a bit, especially with the
wet snow. I removed the drive chain because it would
want to bite off more than it could chew. It wasn't
too hard to push.

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here is a web site that has a complete parts list. with exploded picture diagram numbers year of manufacturer. this site has everything and anything. http://www.partstree.com/parts/?lc=toro_consumer&mh=17

Here is a link that might be useful: parts

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The model machine you have with the Briggs is a 31200(exactly the one I have). Going by the serial number shown is is very near mine(400096)Yours is probably a 1963 to 64 engine(I need to know the rest of the numbers on the engine beyond the 01 you have shown) and the snow blower itself is a 1964 or 1965. 1964 was the first year it was made. I just used mine in the two storms last week here in Connecticut. There is not an air filter on your machine, There is supposed to be a metal box that surrounds the carburetor assembly which I am also missing. I have been looking for that and some skids since one of mine is pretty worn. I must say I love mine, It always starts within a half pull of the cord. Once in a while I have ice jam up the butterfly on the carburetor because I do not have the metal box covering it. I lightly pull on the linkage and the ice clears. I will try to post some pictures of mine. I recently went through the entire machine and greased everything. I also changed the oil and spark plug. If anyone knows where I can get the parts I am looking for please let me know.


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Speaking of old Snowhounds. I saw on Craigslist where a guy posted his for sale for $250. Looked good in the pic and had the manual next to it. I can't think I'd ever pay that for a snowhound though...

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Nice picture's on the Toro snow hound. I have a 64 snow hound with a Briggs motor in it. Right now I don't have spark. I am looking for a coil to replace in this. I hope this will solve my problem. I wanted to know if there is a kill switch some where on this machine. I can't seem to find it if their is one. Do you have manuel with yours that might have the starting and shutting down operation of this machine? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Milford, before replacing the coil, sand the rust off the flywheel magnets. It may just do the trick.

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I found the problem, the points and condensor needed to be cleaned. Now I just have to clean the carb and tweak it a little.

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RE: Old Toro Snow Hound 20' Snowthrowers - Need help

To: Larry T. Eastern

I have an older Lambert and the skids were worn out also, not to mention needed some other tender loving care like carb overhaul, chain, tune-up, and a valve grind. The valves were in decent shape except for some pitting on the valve faces probably from sitting most of its life I think. The skids can be rebuilt, I bought some flat weld stock and bent it to the same curves and welded it to each ajustable support. If I wear them out again I can repeat same procedure. They look normal and just like they were made to order, beacuse it's not likely you'll find them anywhere. As far as the metal box, it seems it could also be fabricated as I don't see anyway of getting that either?

D. W.

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I just bought a Toro Snohound 20 in really nice condition with the original engine that was rebuilt about 2 years ago. It'll need a little cleanup and touchup, but probably not much more than that. The carb box is intact, but the skids are a bit worn. I own a fabrication and machine shop, so I'll be making a bunch of repro skids and carb boxes accurate to the OEM parts. If anyone needs them please get in touch with me...the prices will be very reasonable once they're completed.

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