Ariens 824 -starts & stops

rivera54January 1, 2010

Just this year my Ariens 824 with a tecumseh engine starts after I prime it a few times and suddenly stops. I checked the fuel lever, and it's fine. I checked for any objects that could be causing the machine from starting. I also changed the spark plug and when I did that the machine starts faster and runs longer, but then it just stops. Also, I recently lost the gas cap in my yard somewhere. I am currently using a gas cap from my leaf blower. I was wondering if there are any tips as to what I should try. Also, I was wondering if this problem could be the result of the replacement gas cap.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Angel Rivera

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Check for dirt in the small orifices of the main jet. Check these out.

Shown are 3 of the typical jets and the small holes. All 3 are Tecumseh jets. Briggs jets are similar with the center-bottom hole and one on the side. All these holes need to be fully clean and open for the engine to run correctly.
Some jets only have the center-bottom hole.

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Is your cap vented ? Most if not all blower gas caps are vented , if yours is not or the hole is plugged this well cause the problem you are experiencing.

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