HELP! Planting bare root shrubs in unseasonably hot weather

lightning96(4)October 4, 2011

I just received 3 beautiful bare root native shrubs in the mail. I'm in Minnesota and right now we are having 80+ degree weather for the next 4 days, plus hot sun and wind. (Need I say that this is unusual for October!)

I guess I should plant these now anyway instead of waiting... any tips for helping these shrubs withstand the shock of unfavorable weather?

BTW the shrubs are Ceanothus americanus (New Jersey Tea), Lindera (Spicebush) and Hypericum kalmianum (St. John's Wort shrub) ...

Please convince me they will all be OK! I assume I should water really really well. any other tips? thanks!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

how low at night ...

leafed or not??

either .. dampen some potting media.. and jam them all in one pot .... and put them in shade .. or the basement .. to keep them cool ... to hold them for a few days

or just plant them ... shouldnt it being snowing in a week .. lol

key for me .. natives ... most are run it over with the truck plants.. one of the reasons they are native.. lol .. a bit circuitous there ...

if its in the 50's at night.. should be plenty of time for them to recover overnight ... if you could shade them a bit.. even better ...

to lazy to look it up.. but arent they all deciduous ??? .. if so.. so what if they get hot and lose the leaves .. that are supposed to fall off in a week or two anyway??? eh??


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It will be in the mid 50s at night. 57 tonight, 52 the next night. And good point about losing the leaves anyway, yes they are all deciduous. I hope it won't be snowing in a week LOL! But yes you make some good points. They should be hardy plants, and it's fall anyway, and at least the roots won't know it's unseasonably warm ... correct me if I'm wrong! thanks for the reassurance.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

just plant them .... do it in the evening .... rather than noon on a 80 degree day ...

you have other things to worry about.. i am sure ...


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Plant them and give them some shade. I often use a mesh lawn chair staked down. Days are much shorter by now, so it's not as hard on the plants as a warm spring day with cold soil, hot air, and a long amount of sunshine.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the timing was right.. though the weather was a bit off..

what was the result????


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