"Marmalade Skies" roses are pink/white instead of orange!

greendreamhomeApril 24, 2014

I have a young "Marmalade Skies" rose plant (a floribunda variety.) It's supposed to have "clear, red-toned orange colors" that "last well through the life of the flower."

What actually happens is that the buds and very young flowers are orange. Then they turn a pinkish orange, then pink, then the petals are both pink and white!

In the same bed I have a new "Shockwave" yellow rose plant whose flowers also get paler with time, but which says yellow, and a very old, large rose plant with bright red roses that don't have a problem (not sure which kind, but could be Liberty Bell.)

What could be causing this? Could I be overwatering? Under fertilizing? Something else?

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diane_nj 6b/7a

How "young" is "young"? Immature roses often don't show true colors. Also, even mature plants will show different coloration depending on weather conditions.

See the variations in the photos of Marmalade Skies at HelpMeFind.com (linked below).

Here is a link that might be useful: Marmalade Skies photos at HelpMeFind.com

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I planted it in the beginning of February, when it was a tiny little thing. Now it's between 1 - 2' tall.

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My MS blooms do take on a paler pinkish orange tone as they age. Even when they are newly opening, their tone is a more "coral orange" than "red orange" to me. They don't fade to the point I would call them pink/white in the end, but mine is in partial shade...in full sun the blooms would probably fade more. Here are some pictures from last year that show blooms in various stages on my mature plant.

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Pat -- Your roses look like mine before they fade and start turning bi-colored. Yours are pretty, by the way! What are the bright gold flowers in the background?

I was really hoping to have bright orange roses :( I guess the good news is that there's plenty of room in that bed for more, so maybe next year I can find one that's truly orange, and I'll just have a greater variety of colors.

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I got my MS to brighten up a spot that is a bit too shady for most roses to bloom well, and it does the trick for that purpose, but I really wouldn't call it a true orange. My best true orange rose is Livin' Easy. You might want to check that one out. It's an absolute bloom machine and very carefree here. The bright gold flowers (and the white ones) around the MS rose are narrow leaf zinnias...they prefer full sun, but bloom well for me in part shade, too, and produce plenty of seeds in the fall to replant for the next season.

Livin' Easy

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Pat -- Those roses are a really nice orange!

I just looked up narrow-leaf zinnias, and I have no idea why our nursery didn't have them -- they sound perfect for our area! They are mildly drought-tolerant and like the sun. They sound like a good companion for marigolds, which also don't like it too wet and like the sun.

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Also take a look at Vavoom, Brothers Grimm Fairy Tale, or Orange Morsdag.

My orange rose is the HT, Spice Twice, it is hard to find now, but very orange, and fragrant.

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