craftsman chain saw spring

mvronJanuary 30, 2013

I have a chain saw - 358-359950 - and I think the rope spring is damaged. It looks like the inner spring has a kink in it. I'm assuming that the spring part of the saw should all be circular. Is it worth it to replace the spring - not even sure if you can do that. And if you can, how do you attach the rope wheel to the fly wheel - the fly wheel has two levers that attach to the rope housing. Appreciate any suggestions.

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mvron, This sounds interesting and probably workable but not enough info. Please see if you can post links to the saw and a picture of the problem you are mentioning. The actual saw will be a Poulan, Homelite, Etc with the Craftsman Brand Name on it.

The spring could be OK due to it might not be all circular. My guess would be a rope issue vs a spring. What is it doing or w/n do? You are on target knowing the rope's housing needs to engages with the two cogs on the flywheel. About what year model, Pics, Links, will possibly get you going easily with little cost. When did you use the saw last?

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The rope is attached to the rope spool - so it's OK. When I try to turn the rope spool clockwise, I don't get much tension. This saw was given to me in pieces from a friend who left the area. After looking at the parts diagram, it appears that there might be some other missing parts - like nuts and bolts related to the connecting the rope spool to the cog on the saw.

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Looking at the Pic there is a problem with the spring and possibly where the rope is threaded leaving it's spool. I would say more and better pics or a link to the specific saw will be needed to help. Remember this is just related to cranking and the saw could be good and repairable (with more info).

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I have looked on a parts list diagram and saw the chain listed but not price. Maybe it can't be purchased - for liability reasons. I need to get that resolved before moving ahead. I'm still not sure how the cog on the rope wheel hooks together with the spring. I found a web site that sells chain saw springs. Maybe that's a start. Thanks for your ideas. Anything else, ideas are appreciated.

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See if this youtube will help you. If not post a sequence of "Good Pics In Good Light (flywheel cogs, rope spool both sides, spring in housing w/o retainer if safe). Looking at your pic, I am not seeing the gear that should engage the spool with the flywheels cogs (or your pisc will help).

A chain and new spool or gear?? if needed s/n be a problem at your local small engine repair/parts shop.

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I'm about ready to throw the saw in the metal recycle bin. I was looking at the Sears diagram parts list and it seems that the only parts I'm missing are part #9 (53001523) a washer and part #10 (screw #1724) - other than the bad spring. I have lots of screws and washers. None of the screws that I have fit. I'm wondering if there is a way to find out what the size is. I watched the Utube video. I watched the guy put the washer and flat head screw together - I don't have those parts. I found the three screws that I have that fit the holes holding the housing to the saw.

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mvron, What will you use your chainsaw for?

I am pushing/suggesting medium priced electric chainsaw use on 14/3 extension cords (two if needed X 50' as needed). With today's Gasohol gas (corn issues) you would be better serves with minimal use vs adding additives or dumping gas every 30 days. My recent uses of my electric saws use have convinced me the gas saws are better for high volume work and away from home.

Your body and mechanical issues with gas will make you appreciate the AC vs Gas. There is still work and maintenance in either case if you expect your equipments to last or serve you well.

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txtom50(8a texas)

You might find used parts at the Chainsawr website. Just use Google and search for Chainsawr.

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I would also try ebay (if you ebay) you can get the pull rope housing complete sometimes pretty cheap. Several poulan brands will work, don't have to be just craftsman Brand (providing the saw in question is made by poulan?)

Sometimes the spring end will break off and uncoil (which looks like in your case?). you can try to rebend the spring end to catch in the slot, rewind or wind up attached parts assembled, clamp it down with vise grips, thread the rope, and let the vise grips go see if it will recoil like it is suspose to.

Not and uncommon problem for the spring to break or the old hard rope to start the binding process on saws got few years on them. Usually the tell tell signs are the rope hanging of the saw or won't retract all the way. This is clue to something about to break, or it just may go all of sudden. Recoil ropes are probably the most neglected and maintenance free part until it won't retract or breaks.

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The part number 358-359950 don't do nothing for what kind of saw you have. So picture of the saw to see which model would be helpful or picture of the part you have off from the front side to try to indenify model you have. You can sometimes cut off the bent up spring reform it to lock in the slot and rewind if the bent up area not cutting off to much of the spring.

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