Airens Snowblower will not go in forward or reverse. please help

BlueThumb2007January 12, 2013

Hi All,My trusted snowblower will not move in any grear forward or reverse. I have looked at the belts and they anr not slipping. I adjusted the pull cable all the way to the bottome the bottom (tight) with no luck. I have moved the snowblower into the service position and removed the skid plate and the friction wheel and plate look good. The Wheels will move by hand smooth and easy. I assume the friction plate is supposed to move upwards when I pull the wheel clutch but it only squeezes the spring on the shaft that is connected to the clutch. Is the plate supposed to lift? I also looked at the shaft in the rear that looks to pivot and that is loose and will turn freely. Is there anything im missing. I have been working on this on and off for the last few weekends��and im conceared that mother nature will catch up before I can fix it. Any suggestions or advise would be greatly appriciated..The model number is 932104...Sean

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When you turn the wheels, does the rubber disc turn at the same time? If not, look for a broken key on the left side. I'm answering as my memory serves me.

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Hi Baymee,
Thank you for the help, yes the do move if I spin the friction wheel and vice versa.. is thw shaft under the friction plate supposed to lift?

Thanks Sean

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Some units have the friction wheel in contact with the plate all the time and some only when you pull the handlebar lever. Look in the V belt section and see if the handlebar lever attempts to move a pulley in and out. You will have two pulleys in this case. If so, your friction wheel is always in contact.

Otherwise, the aluminum disc moves in or out.

Hold your tire with one hand and the friction wheel with the other. Try to move the tire and prevent the friction wheel from moving at the same time. Neither should move without the other.

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