I have my 2nd Ariens 7hp Snow blower going.

andyma_gwJanuary 5, 2013

I gave the carb its typical cleaning and freed up the throttle cable. I stole the 120 VAC starter from another 7hp with a bad coil?. Runs great, drives great.Signs of recent maintenance. Now if only it would snow.

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About what vintage is this one?

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I think it like the other 3, sometime in the early- mid 70s. The bushings on the augur axles are worn, but the shafts are lubed, fresh tires, Runs like crazy in 4th and backs up strong. Carb main jet was pluggged. Also, it had the wrong low speed jet. It was too small and just held in by the rubber washer. I replaced it with the jet from a spare carb. This was a Craigslist freebie about 15 miles away. It is one of the reasons I bought a 94 Ranger, to collect old OPE.

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My son-in-law showed up with his siezed 7HP Ariens. It was his grandfather's, father's and now his. I looked at the oil and it looked good, but I could see the broken case where the rod broke through.

The engine has the coil under the flywheel, with points. I hate those things. First thing I did was drain the oil. It came out of the extension pipe, coal black, and then very new.

I never saw so much aluminum wrapped around a crank journal. It took quite a bit of time with muriatic acid to get it off. Cylinder is really scratched.

I love how people add fresh oil once the engine is seized.

Found a used block on ebay for $38 and it's on its way. The rest of the unit is good. A new differential was put in last year for about $300.

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