3 1/4" chicago electric planer 32222

rcmoserJanuary 26, 2013

Belt broke on my cheap 6 year old HF planer, so went for the extra new one came with the attachements (well new 6 years ago). It also broke within matter of minutes. I guess they deteriorate at the same rate being ran or not.... Naturely no belts available.

Using 1 3/4" oil o-ring right now till I get to the hardware store to look for vacuum cleaner belts. I goggled several models from Dewalt $10. to royobi $8.00.. Figure I can find vacuum cleaner belt for $4 bucks for two that will work. Anybody else had this problem???

HF planer works like champ till the belt broke. IMO it was from age not use beings the new spare came apart just like the first one after few minutes of operation and no it's not the motor or planer cutting wheel bindig cause the o-ring works..

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I've found anything made of rubber coming from china seems to have a very short life span.

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Mike you are correctomumgo, But, the good news I have lots of alternatives, Big 1 3/4 oil o-ring (works good but little loose maybe for full width planning)Some vacuum cleaners take big o-ring and this could be another alternative if you can find the right length about 3" stretched between you fingers.

Found Genuine Hoover vacuum belt P/N 38528-011 two ea at ACE Hardware store for 3 bucks little tight but works like champ ( I sure it will stretch) very wide and very good material. I just couldn't pay 8 to 10 bucks for knockoff replacement belt that dewalt or robyi takes (probably better than the chinezee one but that about have the cost of the planer). Exact same planer's just more cosmetically prettier.

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Have you tried WWW Grainger for the belt? Post a link to show the type of belt it is.

I try to store spare rubber parts in dark cool areas (drawers/closets) and some qualities will still dry rot after 30 yrs. LOL. I had to stop Stock Piling from Flea Markets in 1990 (with a job change from metal, wood, plastics work to computers). I discovered I would not use many spares before they or the machinery or myself were bad. I go to the Flea Markets or shop on demand now with "reasonable spares of wearing/breaking items (sanding disc/belts, blades, drill bits, etc).
Good Luck!

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no need Loger I dought grainger can beat 4 bucks for two. The HF parts break down don't come with P/Ns. it shows it but no numbers. I crossed it to the dewalt DW680K belt (dewalt, ryobi and about 15 others are made exactly the same, but to different standards). Lists for 10 bucks. Sure it probably way better than the HF bottom crawler belt, but too much when I can find cheaper alternate.

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