Snowblower Carb Problem?

bob6831(Z5 NY Dutchess)January 17, 2006


I have a small Murray Ultra 5 HP, 22" snowblower.

I have been a bad boy and have not taken care of it very well, no fuel stabilizer over summer, etc.

The problem now, after about 3 years, is that when start, engine does not run smoothly, and will die under load. Also, looks like is firing at muffler point??

I have drained the fuel from carb and tank and put in new fuel. Also have replaced the spark plug.

Still no difference.

I suspect the carb needs work.

I started to take apart to get to carb but looks like carb is pretty well enclosed and not easily accessed to spray carb cleaner in.

My question is......... would something like Gumout into the gas work........ or will I need to take carb apart and clean?



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More then likely your going to need to take it apart to clean . Carb cleaner in the gas will really not work . the main jet is more then likely gummed and need of a good cleaning .

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Try several ounces of laquer thinner in the tank! Not too much gas with it, let it set several days, then try it. might work-has for me, but may not--hasn't worked for me either!
What engine is it? \This will help us to diagnose the problem!
E-mail me!

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bob6831(Z5 NY Dutchess)

Is Tesumcuh(spelling?) engine.
Ok, I took carb off and apart and sprayed with cleaner.......
but piece fell out and not sure where it goes.
Suspect it is a needle valve? Small part with pointed end with little spring like wire on other end. Does it just sit in hole where gas comes in and then float rests on top of it....... or does the spring end go into/over/around something????

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majorxlr8n(Central NJ - Z7)

Bob - that is indeed the needle valve. It does go into a hole in the upper part of the carb body. However, the spring actually goes around a thin, flat piece of brass that is attached to the float. GO here for a pic of the float/needle assembly, on page 21:
As for your poor running problem, take a wire & clean out the small hole or holes in the bowl nut. It looks something like this:


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I am following up this forum from quite some time and tried ur advice took out my carb " well at least it looked like carb to me "it was a device with alot of flow controls and pins all sits just underneath the exsaust of same snow blower tht u guys are talking about and have a gas in and i guess gas out line .. so i took it out dipped it in moto master carb cleaner for a night and put it back in ... but the problem is still thr it is stalling at me worked fine for first 5 min i picked up some snow stalls few time but just one pull and start back up again . this happen few tims then it just stalls while I wasnt even just sitting and after tht didnt start on me ... and idea do i have to clean exsaust too ... wht about spark plug more thing I notice usually its really hard to pull on the cord to start it but whn it wants to start the string just pulls away so easily .I m really new to this so i will really apreciate if u guys can help me out

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My up lift TEC engine does the same thing. All I do is spray carb. cleaner into the carb. with the air cleaner off while the engine is running using the primer button to keep it running if it won't run on its own.

If you can find the carb. bowl vent spary some carb cleaner down the hole. You will have to run it at WOT and spary till it boggs down then let it catch back up and spary it some more.

This fall it too me about 15 mins of spraying to get mine to finely run right. I would also re3move the plug spray some carb. cleaner down the spark plug hole and pull the rope several times. This sometimes loosen carb. build up in the comb. chamber and the compression forces it out the spark plug hole. TEC Gum up easily if not operated regularly IMO.

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i know i m gonna sound so stupid but .. I tried every thing to open tht spark plug but tht dam thing doesnt buge . its like stuck or something I used wrench and tr to twist it as hard as I can with no success any idea how to loosen tht thing

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Well, if it an't broke don't break it. But, if you have to get it out spary some rust buster around the base of the spark plug. Then, I would use a spark plug socket, 3/8" to 1/2" adapter and a 1/2" breaker bar.

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Just remember the words of the best mechanic on earth: Turn left-it loosens! Turn right--it tightens! This whilst looking at the top of the spark plug-towards the cylinder head! In re: lefty loosey--righty tighty!
Also, stick a piece of wire thru the hole in the gas cap. It might be plugged--sounds like it.
And, really, from the stuff you have written here, i do think you need to take the machine for professional help! Some folks are really good at book reading or writing, some excel at computer stuff, some make good preachers, and some are good mechanics, but, in your case, i think you should really seek professional help in your area!

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newjerseybt(5b NE PA)

I think it is easier to remember counter clockwise loosens
in 99% of all cases.

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machiem(Z8 WA)

I use the "right hand rule" to determine which way to turn to loosen and/or tighten fasteners. Oddly placed fasteners sometimes make it difficult to determine what is clockwise or counter-clockwise.

On your right hand, point your thumb in the direction you want the fastener to go (in or out). Then, curl your fingers. Your fingers will curl in the direction you should turn the fastener.

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Well, yes, but then some of the younger folks do not have regular clocks with round faces! They just tap a little button on some mystical electronic gadget, and it prints out the current time!These new gadgets weren't even thought of when the phrase was made up. So, lighten up! Us older folks still believe in the old time saying--if it ain't broke--don't fix it! And, if it is broken, take it to somebody who knows how to fix it!
Cheers, and Happy New Year, from Rusty Jones (chuckle)

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It all works till you run into lefthanded threads. i remember Mopar was the first to ruin a good thing!!! when they screwed their lug nuts on backwards on one side.

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