Summer Ice Daphne - Placement?

samanthajade(7A)October 7, 2011


I just purchased a small summer ice daphne. I know these are finicky and don't like to be moved, so I'm trying to find the right spot the first time!

I am more familiar with daphne's needing shade. All information I can find on this is that this one can take sun. The spots I have open are:

1) Top of slope, southern exposure and full sun almost all day

2) Western exposure near and therefore underneath the edge of the canopy of an oak. In front of front door of house. Filtered sunlight, with periods of (hot) direct sun in late afternoon.

I'm wondering how much sun this one really needs to perform well. I'm not a real fan of the full sun location for this shrub. Both options are on some level of slope, and drainage is not an issue. I'd like to take the spot that's more shady, but wondering if that's enough sun for it and if it can take 1-2 hours of zone 7 late afternoon sun in high summer.

Thanks for any advice you can give!


Boiling Springs, NC

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

drainage is the ONLY issue ...

as to what amount of light is available on the edge of a canopy ... and a couple hours of direct sun.. can only be left to trying it ...

i will post pics when i get some time tomorrow..


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I have one of these that's about 4 years old now. What a fabulous plant! It starts blooming before the last spring frost and blooms continuously all season - it is still blooming now after a hard frost two nights ago. It has a light scent that I don't much care for, but many folks like. The leaves, with their delicate white edge are lovely as well. Mine retains some of its foliage over winter, but it does look a bit ratty for a few weeks when it first emerges from snow. (I don't think that would be a problem for you in NC.) All in all, this isn't a show-stopper at any point of the year like a rose or clematis in full bloom or a sugar maple with fall foliage, but it adds texture and beauty to my garden for the entire season that my garden is above the snowline. I've had no disease issues or dieback, so although some daphnes have a reputation for being finicky, I think that this one is a bit less so. One winter (2009-2010) when the voles had been really bad, it emerged from the snow leaning over, but I propped it up, firmed the soil around its roots and hoped for the best. It didn't seem to mind at all, although I lost several other plants nearby. Here is part of it in June of last year, covered with buds and looking healthy despite the voles. I like how it contrasts with the tiny foliage of cranberry and the large blue hosta. From June 2010

Mine is growing in at least half shade in a slightly raised bed that's largely well-composted manure over fine sandy loam. It gets no attention other than mulch every 3 years or so and watering if it hasn't rained for more than three weeks. It's on the south side of the building, but there are a bunch a full-sized hemlocks and white pines only about 20 feet to the south as well as some deciduous trees and large shrubs to the southwest, so it only gets sun for a few hours in the middle of the day where there is a gap in the canopy and another bit late afternoon, probably less than an hour. The shade is relatively bright, but is for most of the day.

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