Anyone have BCS 715 tiller?

frstrainJanuary 11, 2009

I have a BCS 715 tiller with the 8hp ACme engine. Can anyone tell me which screws adjust the high/low fuel flow? It runs too rich and I do not have an owners manual.


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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

All carburators I've seen up draft are side draft ones on top screw there for Idle mixture be one closest to throttle shaft other one be main jet these screw are easy mess up there calibrating by over tighten a clean air filter is important before ajusting jets clog air filter becomes a choke to engine results black smoke and smut plug.

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masiman(z7 VA)

I can't understand what you wrote gator. I think there are a couple of sentences in there but the thoughts seem to jump around. Can you clarify?

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dmullen(Southern CA)

I just searched this site using "BCS Tiller" and came up with a bunch of manuals for sale on one of the listings.

When I searched by "BCS 715 tiller manual", these manuals were not shown.

They are expensive but probably worth it long term. Also, there are other aftermarket manuals for sale that cover many engines

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The standard carburetor on the ALN290 and ALN330 Acme is the Cozette PM25. It is an side-draft carburetor with fixed main jet. The idle jet is adjustable.

The main jet is in a carrier which screws into the carb body from the top, just behind the throttle butterfly and on centerline with the float bowl. The carrier has both a hex and a slot, and you unscrew to remove the assembly. Make sure everything is clean, but there is otherwise no adjustment, short of purchasing additional fixed jets.

The idle jet is located further back, on the right hand side of the carb, above the fuel inlet. Initial setting is 1 1/4 turn, and you adjust to a smooth 1500 rpm idle, while staying slightly rich, so the engine accelerates smoothly.

Idle speed is adjusted by a screw on the moveable throttle shaft, just as you would expect.

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I just bought a BCS 715 in excellent condition. The previous owner must have been one of those guys that believes in keeping his machine in original condition. I on the other hand would like to replace the exhaust with a quieter one and replace the oil type air filter with a modern filter. I may even get the adapter and replace the Acme engine with a new engine may-be 10hp. The Acme engine is 8hp and runs great so I may sell it and the fancy blue rain bonnet on E-Bay after I get the adapter and new engine. I have the owners manual and might be able to use my cell phone to take a picture of any page you may need to see.

The only parts I need for mine are new tines. The old ones must have been original equipment also. They are worn slam out. Some are about 4 inches long and they are supposed to be 6 inches or more long. Where can I find a set of tines, eight right and eight left?

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