snowblower repair

rish972003January 29, 2009

i have a craftsman 8hp electric start dual stage snow thrower. went to use it last nite & i could not get it to stay running it would start then stop repeatedly. i opened the shrowd for the throttle screw and adjusted it several times this obviously made it worse. then i decided the gas might be bad so i took the tank off emptied it and blew out the tank and line. however i did not clean the carb out w/ ur idea of bread ties, which is a good idea thank you. put it all back together fresh gas and it still wouldnt run. probably cause i messed w/ the throttle screw. should i take the carb off & clean it out thoroughly or just use the bread cleaners. as far as the throttle screw goes is there an easy way to reconfigure the placement cause i neglected to mark its position prior to twisting it. got any ideas ??? any would be greatly appreciated. thank you ricky

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If the fuel line has a shut off, shut it off, or pinch
it off, (carefully with vise grips), and then remove
the fuel bowl from the carb. Was there fuel in the bowl?
If not, then momentarily open the fuel line from the tank
and see if you have flow. Look in the bowl to see how much crud is there, which may give you an indication of contamination in the rest of the carb. After cleaning
the bowl, remove the float mechanism from the carb and
see if the needle is free to move up and down with the
float position. If all of this checks out, then spray all of the carb openings with carb cleaner and reassemble.
Gently tighten down the adjustment screw you tinkered
with and then back it out 1 and 1/2 turns and try it,
(don't forget to turn the gas line back on). If it
starts, even for a few seconds, try to keep it lit by
slowly spraying carb cleaner directly into the carb
throat, while observing the choke position, which for
a cold engine should be closed, or close to it. Then
open that adjusting screw a half turn at a time until
you are happy with the operation.

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thank you ibpod for the info, i will try it & post the results.

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you did still have old gas in Carburetor that is why not starting. Do what Ibpod explain it. great advise

Here is a link that might be useful: Mobile Shawn's Small Engine Repair and Service

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Here is a link to overhauling a Tecumseh carb. Yours should be similar, but it has the older main jet.

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