My FS 55 R Stihl Trimmer

gregstepJanuary 17, 2014

Hi i got a Fs 55 r Stihl trimmer. It will not start. Ok,,I took the spark plug out and put it in the plug boot and place it against metal. It showing fire. Ok,,,,when i hold the spark plug in my hand and pull the starter rope it shows fire,,,,but it dose not shark me. Very strange. I have clean the carburetor will good. I even shot carburetor chock cleaner in the carburetor and pull,,,,and it will not hit.,,,,,So what is happening??? What got me is why dont it shock me when i hold the spark plug in my hand. When i hold the plug in my hand and put my index finger on metal if shocks the het out of me. Any ideas,,,Thanks

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It needs to go to a ground to spark, and when your finger touches the metal, then you become the ground and the current goes through you!

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Thanks Manton. You might be right. I tell u why. The 2 wires coming from the coil do not have a cut on and cut off switch. its just 2 wires hanging. So 1 wire got to be the ground and the other wire got to be hot going back to the coil,,,, both wires goes back to the coil. 1 wire clips in to the coil,,,,,the other wire just screw to the coil with a bolt. So i guess the hot wire is the one that clip into the coil. Thanks again,,,,,greg

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The one on the mounting bolt is where it goes to ground, that wire goes to the on/off switch, and the other wire at the switch goes back to the one on the coil. That is how you shut the trimmer off, you "ground" the coil..

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Thanks Manton. I still had no luck. The one wire that goes back to the coil with the mounting bolt on it,,,,,i stuck a metal clip in it at the end of ground wire. Held the spark plug in my hand ,,,and it was firing in my hand ,,,,with out any shock. Do u think it could be the ground wire is bad??? or the coil. I even took the ground wire and mount it on the muffle bolt. Still the same thing. Thanks for help......any idea again,,,,,greg

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