Honda ignition problem

tinkergene(4)January 24, 2010

my cousin has a 20 hp? Honda in his Melroe side by side. and when it gets to -20 below in Mn. One plug fires good but the other doesn't I have to set the gap on the plug just about 3 hairs thick to get it to run, When it warms up outside, the spark is back to normal, he said the ign system has one coil with 2 plug leads going to the plugs. So that elimates a bad coil, I replaced the Plug end of the wire, and that is a copper core, any idea's?


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If it were me, I would put a spark tester on the affected cylinder to determine the strength of the spark. Or basically have you compared spark between the 2 sides? New plugs or swapped them?

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Tomplum- - I have changed the plugs,That didn't work. So then when it

was running, I checked the spark on the weak side, (which is only about 1/32 of an inch) and the spark is a nice blue color, And then on the good side,the spark is about 1/4 of an inch with the 'blue' spark. I am just wondering if he was told wrong about that motor having only 1 coil ? I know that Onan has a coil that has 2 wires coming out to feed 2 cyl's,. I tried doing it with a standard coil, But as we know that electricity takes it's easiest path. UNLESS- - - the coil is going bad-and "bleeding off" on the good cyl, (overlap) and not going to the one on Compresson ?

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So you seem to be saying that you've verified by sight the spark capabilities on each cylinder, and they are significantly different- correct? I can't claim to have tackled a spark condition on a Honda twin. It would be good to know the actual engine model #. On Honda singles, the cd that fires the coil is in the coil pack. Is the twin something different? I dunno. Utility engines many times have low oil safety switches which essentially ground the coil. One would think that would affect both cylinders.

Here is a link that might be useful: Honda manuals

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Hi tomplum- I would think that the "low oil safety switch" would affect both cyl's. I will have to check with doug on the model #'s and to verify that it has only 1 coil.If it has 2,then that is why there is a difference in the spark jump lenth.

I will let you know what I come up with

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