Does Pecan Firewood store longer than most Oaks?

loger_gwJanuary 28, 2013

Does Pecan Firewood store longer than most Oaks?

1. That seems to be my opinion here in DFW, North Tx. It is dominating free firewood off the curbs the last 2-3 yrs vs Oaks, Elms and Fruitless Mulberry.

2. A problem is splitting large blocks with my approx 9 ton hydraulic splitter X 1 HP AC motor.

3. Solutions: Take 12" Dia wood or choke splitter to split 12" long wood vs wearing splitter.

4. The splitter will split big blocks but IMO,repair cost long big blocks are hard on the Ram Cyl.

5. Curbing wood for City pick-up vs brush has become a big trend with nice wood to harvest.

6. I would hate a 3rd 180.00 repair only after getting into big wood vs sawing into short blocks.

I got over 12 lbs of pecans in the easement before they took a tree 1/2 block away. Under the brush I got another 12 lbs as they chipped. A friend raked and took many lbs (24 +) from the brush. The majority were mulched before taking the tree inside the fence my mowers. With our drought, the paper shells were about � full compared to the past.

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Who has a problem with "shelf life" of firewood?
Most have the shelf run bare!

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Good Point bill_kapaun! I get the free wood when I find it and has had up to 8-10 cords sharing with my parents. It worked due to not being able to cut one season due to medical issues but had plenty wood to burn. It's a habit vs a need as my Dad enjoyed the wood and heat before asking me to take all from his backyard (due to the work). I know my day is coming on giving up the past need (firewood and fishing) but more a habit now. I'll hope to enjoy a few more years of each as I know Life Changes.

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this has nothing to do with your situation Logger, but I see this all the time in my area. what I don't understand is why people cut down pecans and plant some useless ornmetal tree or bush that don't bear fruits. World would be better off also if cities,counties, states quit wasting money planning bushes and trees on corners blocking site and trees or bush don't produce nothing.

If I am going to pay for tree or bushes it's going to produce something I or birds can eat. Nothing like pulling rip pear, cherry, apple, or peach off tree that taste real good, not like the green frozen store produce that coated in chemicals to keep the on the shelf for months.

Getting back to the pecan I would say probably last as long or depending on how it's stored.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

It stores about like oak here, does pop real bad as burns fire coals go to flying out the draft along with ashes. In my young days burning Pecan wood was not allow in home. Burning outside was simple fireworks show.

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rcmoser, This was poor planning and a change of owners. The PO add-on to the house was 3-4' from this 36" dia tree after years. Those houses were built in 1958 and the tree could have been just as old. The PO had it trimmed yearly to keep it safe. Good size limbs still came down loaded with pecans onto the add-on. I feel the PO knew fruit values due to having nice fig trees that are still there.

gator_rider2, I am surprised to hear that you got sparks or firework actions from pecan wood. I have not seen that from pecan but some Elm and definitely Bodock is a no no in our fireplace. I season all large dia green wood one year. I'm stocking for next winter now.

Using Pecan wood for BBQ is a top wood at homes and businesses here in the DFW North, Tx area. The fireworks would be a fire hazzard which I have not seen or heard of in this area.

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gator_rider2(z8 Ga.)

I guess just different area season wood here for year don't happen to rotten by that time. On BBQ use sassafras chips the best on chicken but works on all BBQ.

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My friend came back and got the blocks that they got over the fence (w/o cutting the 12" cuts X 36" dia into smaller blocks to lift as promised). He rolled the slices on the low VW's trailer as our last 2 load of Pecan blocks (that I left and he left here for processing from a street over). My 2 loads in my shell vs my trailers were reasonable to lift. The cutting and splitting is on (With Breaks LOL) to finish out our harvest for next season. Blocks are good solid wood but I need wood that will stack (12 - 16" blocks split) in my limited 3 cord space.

One of my two loads:

Last year-s blocks:

This year-s blocks:

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