Old Craftsman snow plow:

rustyj14(W/PA)January 7, 2010

To all of you folks who know a lot about Sears-Roebuck Products--I have a problem--well not that much of a problem, just seeking some info on a snow plow attachment for a Sears tractor snow plow, of dubious vintage.

I bought this plow at a garage sale for $10!

Here's the scoop (well, the info-no scoop, just a blade, etc.)

Sears-Roebuck adjustable snow plow, for a tractor sold by S/R. Serial number: 536-264471

The blade is about 3.5 ft wide. It has two semi-circular plates on the back, with a hole thru both, and a rectangular tube that goes into the lift part. The blade will swivel, and is controlled, or kept in position, by a spring loaded bar that slides into slots cut in the upper half round plate.

the other part is a flat plate, with the edges bent 90 degrees, with "ears", 2 on each side. To these ears are affixed , 2 on each side, lift arms that move up and down in tandem. Fastened so they move freely. The other ends are affixed to the swivel assembly, with a square tube, which the other square tube slides into, and that part is held in by a large bolt. The first piece apparently bolts to the front of the tractor, and holds the movable section. That part also has a small U-shaped thing that hangs down, it has several holes in it, where evidently a pin or bolt would go thru it. Similar to the front mower deck hanger on an old Dynamark tractor.(I have one!)

I see no way to lift it, but could be done with a long steel rod across the hood, thru a u-shaped piece, and a chain down to the plow assembly. A hook at the back end would suffice to keep it in position, as to height.

I tried to trace this plow thru the Craftsman web-site, but got nothing. I thought maybe someone on this group might recognise it. Any help will be appreciated! And, i am going to try to install it on an old Cub Cadet Tractor.

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Ok, folks, you can go back to bed now! I have found the info and pictures i was seeking, on another forum.
Seems I will be able to adapt it to my machine, with few problems. I'll only have to make two side plate adapters, and drill some holes, and bolt it up. no rush--my neighbor across the road plowed out my driveway, and shovelled the walk. Good neighbors are priceless.

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Small Potatoes for an Ole Pro like you Rusty ! Heh send that neighbour over to my place when he's not busy lol SNow is on the way here in the Great White North !

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