Husqvarna 365SP won't start

sebrame(7)January 4, 2014

I was using my Husky 365SP the other day, when is suddenly quit, and I can't get it to crank at all. Checked the plug for spark, and it's there. I replaced the plug anyway. I checked the muffler for a dirt dauber nest, but it's clear as a bell, as is the spark arrestor screen. Then I realized that the starter cord was as easy to pull with the compression release closed as it is with it open. I'm going to try a new compression release valve, just because it's cheaper and easier than new rings, but I'm afraid I'm looking at a rings/piston job. How easy is it to replace these on a chainsaw?

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1.What is some History (age conditions) to think piston/rings?

2.Have you looked at the cyl through the mufflerâÂÂs exhaust port for any indicators?

3.You would think wear would be gradual but I experienced an instant lock on a 10 yr old saw from a bad mix or heat.

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I bought it used locally, and it's an '01, so I guess I'm not far off in my feeling that it may be ring wear. I didn't check the cylinder when I had the muffler off, but that will be easy enough to do tomorrow.

I feel the same way - seems like a wear problem would manifest itself over time, not just die right in the middle of a cut. However, up until the moment that it stopped running, it was actually running very well, and started on only a couple of pulls when cold. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's the compression release.

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Most likely burnt up from being too lean, some reasons are adjusted too lean, dirty plugged up carb, air leak, bad fuel line or maybe a plugged tank vent.. Changing a piston and cylinder is not a bad job and most times the cylinder can be saved. If it's burnt up you need to find out what was the cause or it will do it again. Steve

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