Shrub with Bright Purple berries?

amprice(5)October 23, 2008

does anybody recognize this description. It is a shrub with green leaves and bright purple little berries (not sure what else to call them) growing in clusters. Can anyone tell me the name of it just from the description? it is growing in a shade garden in our new home planted by previous owners

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Callicarpa dichotoma - American beauty berry.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Dibbit(z7b SC)

Or, it may be one of the various oriental beautyberry species or cultivars, C. dichotoma, C. bodinieri or C. japonica. As I recall, the berries sit on the branches differently for most of the species, so you should be able to tell from photos if you use the Images function on Google.

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The American one is Callicarpa americana.

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hlollar(5 CO)

If you're seeing this in zone 5, you most likely are looking at the C. dichotoma, because it's the only one that is hardy enough for our zone. I like the look of C. Americana better, but winter usually kills it. :(

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Bingo!!! Thank you so very much! It is the C.dichotoma. I have tried to upload pictures of several others that I am having trouble identifying but the file size from my kodak easyshare is too big for this website. This is the only one that is easily describable so at least I can check one off the list. Does anybody know of a website that accepts pictures for identification?

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Open a free account on photobucket, store them there and provide a link to your picture here.

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I am also looking for the name of a green leaf shrub. It keeps it's leaves throughout all seasons; small purple berries grow (like grapes) in the winter. In spring it has tiny white to yellow flowers (somewhat sweet aroma). I have heard it called Wax Leaf Agusta; but cannot find that name any where. It looks very similar to a Red Tip, but these never have red leaves. It can get the size of a medium size tree if left untrimmed. I would like to know the name so I can find out if the berries of poisonous. My Bischon really wants to eat them and I have tried to be very careful with him around the berries when they are on the ground. I really need to know what this is. By the way, I am in Central Texas-Zone 8. Thanks

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

It sounds like wax leaf ligustrum. I don't grow it myself, but I've read that all parts of the plant are poisonous, so please don't let your dog eat the berries!

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