Snapper Snowblower Repair (Gear Box) I422

xd11January 19, 2011

22", 4 HP. I am sure the worm gear in the gearbox is bad. I unbolted the three auger bolts on either side of the shaft and took off the shaft end screws.

How do I pull the auger out to get to the gearbox? The shaft that runs back to the blower seems to be attached using one or two holes that run through the metal of the blower assembly and through the shaft. There are not allen screws in there, but rather what looks like a curved piece of metal. Am I just supposed to bang them out with a hammer and dowel that just fits in the hole, or what?

Please help me figure this out. Looks like I can still buy the worm gear which at this point might be easier than trying to find the right ready-for-the-dump snowblower locally.

Trying to stay ahead of the next storm...

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Not familiar with your unit, but, in most cases, you have to split the unit in half, remove the pulley on the rear of the auger housing, then drive the shaft out of the housing.

At that point, you'll have a T shaped drive assembly. Then you unbolt the gear case and probably replace the shaft with a new one.

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