Homelite hand held leaf blower problem

looking4answers_2010January 20, 2010

I have a hand held Homelite leaf blower that has a problem that causes the RPM to go up to full speed then down to almost idle then starts the process all over again. While this is happening, air is blowing into the gas tank. This causes large bubbles in the tank and is probably causing the engine to slow down until the bubbles quit and it can suck gas to the carburator again. It starts easily and runs great for a few minutes before the problem starts. Recently the carburator and block came loose but that has been re-tightened and the blower worked great for about 15 minutes then the problem started all over. During the time it ran properly there was no sign of bubbles in the carburator. Any ideas what may be causing air to be blown back into the carburator will be appreciated.

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Make sure the fuel lines are good. If suspect, replace with new line, it's inexpensive.

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empjr(SE USA)

I have had a Homelite blower for almost 20 years and never a problem until last fall when leaves began falling. Then it began to act similar to the way you describe except for blowing bubbles in the tank. It would run at full speed when first started then begin to run erratically and lose RPMs and finally shut down. I tried several things, mixed fresh gas and oil, cleaned the air filter, checked the fuel line, etc, but nothing helped until I tried adjusting the carburetor. The adjusting screws have plastic seals which limit how far you can turn them in either direction, but I had to remove those seals to get enough turning space to get it running properly. After adjusting the air/fuel mixture it ran fine for the rest of the season. I'm not saying that your blower's problem is caused by the same thing as mine was, and it may not be advisable in the long run to remove the adjustment screw limits. I'm just saying what worked for me when I got to the point that I was willing to try anything, and if I ruined the old blower I would buy a new one. Taking it to a small engine repair shop around here would have cost almost as much as a new one.

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