Is there a welding/brazing repair for worn Chainsaw Clutch/ Sproc

loger_gwJanuary 29, 2012

Is there a welding/brazing repair for worn Chainsaw Clutch/Sprockets or is that being too cheap? I have a new one that is probably over 10 years old and 2-3 not worn too bad as spares. My goal is to use up some of this STUFF while my 3 old Poulan S-25s are still running good since the mid 1980s. The mid 1970s' S-25's wrist pin keeper ruined that Good Monster's cylinder after 10 good years.

Related, I brazed a bronze etc surface hardener to rental tools for a rental Co. as gas post-hole augers bits and etc to resist wear that were not carbide in the mid 70s. I have a die grinder and bronze brazing etc that would make the sprocket look like new. BUT! I would hate to waste my time if this is a known waste due to specific reasons. loger

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Wouldn't you have a problem with the temper of the steel in the sprocket gear?

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I suspose if you were good enough with MIg or TIg you could weld in the worn spots and grind them back to the conture of the sprocket teeth. Probably IMO last as long as it has??? I dought bronze would be hard enough I think the sprocket gear is bronzed on if I remember correctly, but the teeth are probably harden steel.

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One of the problems I run into on projects like that is, that I may invest a half a days labor into something I could have bought for $20.00. Then the item I was working on may not last as long as I spent working on it.

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Economics Or Common Sense! My Friend would say is the answer. Your responses and my little research dictated that repairing is not worth the trouble. It would have been about experimenting with me and I have too many others. They Are All Old That I saved For Retirement!! I have dumped 99.9% of computers/parts and some mechanical projects due to my "What If Interest".

1. The new sprocket was 11.00 in 2001, 23.00 today local, about 12.00 online.
2. My goal is 10 years on this one, which could happen since I'm cutting green clean wood these days.
3. I cut approx a face cord with the new sprocket, with approx 12 + cord good used chain w/o any signs of damage.
4. I have part #s for Poulan S25 sprockets with 14 & 16" bars if needed. The 2001 receipt and Manual are good.
5. A tree trimmer gave me at least 2 cords of green Live Oak for next winter. Now I Need Some Fish!! loger

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Loger: Just finished 10 lbs of Hickory Smoked White Fish . Intend to make a few pounds of sausage and can the rest .

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I had some realistic work and experimenting today. Splitting and stacking my 2012 harvest of green Live Oak (hauled in 3 loads, in 2 days from 3 blocks away thanks to a tree trimmer). The final cutting/splitting/stacking led to work with the approx 2 face cords as follows. The use of my Poulan S25 that I just cleaned and added a new clutch sprocket. A log splitter just rebuilt/etc and added hydro fluid filter. A young body and my body completed the last half of all splitting/stacking after my needed cutting in 1.5 hr. The cutting/splitting/stacking went great but the saw was a mess. Such a mess, I'll plan to use a small engine cleaner/solvent/attachment with compressed air or a pump de-greaser and compressed air (after finding the possible cause first).

The manuel oiling was working but I detected the automatic was not and feeding wire to clear it d/n help. My question w/o searching, will the automatic oiling cause bar oil to come out at joints/etc? I was seeing excessive ext bar oil and the same old unusual mess I just cleaned. I�ll take a break and go for the filter of the automatic oil as years ago that was full of sawdust. Back then it d/n cause this mess. Shared experiences/ info is appreciated! Loger

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My '77 Stihl Farmboss is on its original sprocket and clutch. And it gets used in dirty wood.

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Good maintenance and care will keep good machinery going for years. My Co-Worker that starter me with my Poulan in the mid 70s still has his original bar, clutch and sprocket. I have been through some not to mention chains due to cutting wood dozed into piles. loger

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