2-strokes & Gas wth Alcohol (Gasahol)

cityboyinburbs(7b)January 30, 2012

I've now got three 2-stroke tools. A neighbor who's an engine rebuilding wiz tells me that gasahol burns too hot, and causes problems with 2-strokes.

I've seen some products in stores that claim to cure any problems gasahol causes;

What's in them, how do they do their magic?

Also... if older engine calls for say 32:1 oil/fuel ratio, with standard 2-stroke oil, the if I use synthetic oil, should I change ratio to the 50:1 called for by Synth oil company, or stick with 32:1 ??


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IF an engine was carburated for non alcohol gasoline, it'll be jetted too lean, since alcohol contains some oxygen.
Lean engines TEND to run hotter.
That's usually not a problem in water cooled engines.

Computer controlled engines use the Oxygen Sensor to adjust the air:fuel mixture.

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oil is used as lubricant, the engine will burn cleaner with syn 50-1 mix and still lubricate. nothing wrong with 32-1 except you will see more smoke (more oil burning means more carbon build-up and possibly spark plug fouling)especially it you add more oil than required.

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