Advice for Short, Non-Stop, Low-Maintenance, Yellow Flowers

steve1young(7A)April 18, 2012

Hi All,

Please forgive me, in advance, for what may seem like a ridiculous amount of stipulations, but I'm looking for something very particular and figured it couldn't hurt to ask.

I'm looking for a rather stout plant (6-12 inches would be ideal, but could possibly go to 18 inches) with bright yellow flowers (not pale yellow like C. 'Moonbeam') that will take brutal completely all-day sun. The bed can get a bit dry at times, but the soil is pretty decent (not overly rich, but pretty friable and well-drained).

Here's the clincher: I want flowers all summer long and into fall. I don't want to deadhead too much (if at all) and I don't want something that will spread like crazy. Mellow spread (like C. 'Moonbeam') would be OK. I'm using them in a repeat group pattern so we're talking about 5-6 plants.

I'm considering Gaillardia 'Mesa Yellow', Coreopsis grandiflora 'Goldfink', Coreopsis verticillata 'Golden Gain', and Coreopsis pubescens 'Sunshine Superman'.

I've tried other Coreopsis grandifloras and 'Jethro Tull', but found the dead-heading to be a real drag for 6 plants. I realize that sounds kind of whiney. Sorry. Oh, poor me. lol :)

Anyhow, I really appreciate any advice or words of wisdom from you'all.

Happy Gardening!


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The Gaillardia can't be beat and would be better than any Coreopsis. Gaillardia blooms nonstop all spring through frost. Go with Gaillardia and you will be glad you did.

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As echinacemaniac had written, a gaillardia fits the bill quite well.

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I planted Coreopsis pubescens Sunshine Superman last year and it was spectacular. It was in bloom constantly and didn't seem to need much deadheading.

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Campanula UK Z8

osteospermums can be good.

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I'll cast another vote in favor of gaillardia. I planted Mesa Yellow last year and it was still blooming when the October snowstorm hit. That was the end of it blooming but I'm guessing that may be only due to the fact a huge oak tree limb came crashing down smack on it. It's showing signs of new growth this year despite what the storm did to it. A shorter one is Golden Goblin altho' the one I bought grew as tall as the species. I'm guessing it had the wrong tag in the pot.

Q for campanula - don't osteospermums have a short bloom period? Shasta daisy blooms for only a few weeks here.

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gardenweed wrote: Shasta daisy blooms for only a few weeks here

Unexpected and so a bit disappointing isn't it?

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Would Anthemis tinctoria fulfil your criteria? Low growing, sun loving, drought resistant, long blooming ... Dead heading can be done by clipping over with the shears, no need for individual bloom trimming.

Osteospermum blooms a long time here but would it be hardy on Long Island?

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Another thought is whether a yellow foliaged sedum would fit your wishes. It would keep the yellow color all season and have no issues with the dryness.

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Yellow Gaillardia and Sedum Angelina for the win.

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