Osmanthus heterophyllus 'goshiki'--cultural tips?

subtropixOctober 28, 2011

Today, I bought a osmanthus heterophyllus 'goshiki' plant from one of the big chains that was running its annual 50% off sale. Any tips on growing this one?--I am assuming it is fairly deer-resistant given the sharp leaves. Thanks in advance.

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Lots of water when it is hot.
Mulch real good.
Not too close to alot of other trees, they will steal water.
It grows VERY slow.
I can't emphasize that enuf.
So, if it looks great, but your wondering why it isn't growing, it's not you. It's the plant.
Lots of sun too.

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Thanks butterfly. I might just grow it containerized on the deck. I have the other species of Osmanthus as well. Do you know if goshiki is as aromatic?

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You know I have had mine for 2 years in the same spot out front and it looks real good, but it hasn't bloomed.
It is a nice plant, it grows sooooo slow.
I like it, but I'm just a little disappointed with it.
Mabey it will bloom next spring, who knows?
The only reason I am leaving it where it is,is because it is evergreen and I like evergreen out front in the winter.
This is nothing like Osmanthus fragrans at all.
But I like it.

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Are you sure yours is not pot bound? I have had plants that I assumed were slow growers, take off once potted up. I only just got mine so time will tell.

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No, it's not pot bound, it is in the ground.

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In my climate, an extremely easy plant to grow - no special care required. It is deceptive in appearance. Although it looks like holly and has a common name of "false holly", the pointed leaves are not at all sharp and are no special deterrant to deer as a result. OTOH, I have not found deer to be particularly drawn to it, either :-)

'Goshiki' in Japanese translates to five colors and refers to the various coloring presented on the foliage - from pink to rust to gold to cream and of course, green. I'd take this feature over transient flowers any day, as this cultivar in particular is known to be very shy to bloom. I had one for over 10 years in my old garden and never saw a flower. But perhaps one of the easiest and most dependable variegated broadleaf evergreens for zone suitable climates. And quite slow growing......maybe to as much as 10 feet over the plant's lifetime.

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I have some fall planted ones that are dropping leaves. Is that winter damage or is winter wetness causing a decline?

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Sara Malone Zone 9b

Love this one - but it is much slower than the green cultivars. None of mine have bloomed, whereas the green bloom profusely. But the variegated foliage and new growth is fabulous!

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