Can Burning Bushes get Sunscald?

ilovemytrees(5b/6a Western, NY)October 3, 2013


The way my yard is set up, almost all of my plantings are on the Southwest portion of my yard. Absolutely everything I have EVER planted has gotten sunscald, everything, except my Golden Raintree, which I have wrapped every winter. Even my European Hornbeam Fastigiatas I planted last year, known as Iron Wood, got sunscald last winter. I was pissed because we did our best to shade them strategically with burlap but the winds off the lake blew the burlap to smithereens halfway through winter.

I now have Burning Bushes, (please don't be mad about that, they have sentimental meaning to me, and besides, they are all around me) so I'm concerned about them getting it too. I'm considering wrapping them, or getting shrub jackets.. Remember this isn't about zone hardiness, it's about winter sun.

Has anyone EVER heard of burning bushes getting sunscald? My plantings get Full Sun from sunrise to sunset, and couple that with them being in the Southwest part of my yard, and I am thinking it's possible.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Those don't have substantial, exposed trunks like the trees do.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

can we see pix ... its been a long time ...

do you fert??? ... ferting things that dont need it.. can cause weird issues... just guessing here ...

and.. with scald ... i swear the damage can be years old.. before it SHOWS .... so this MIGHT be a transplant issue .. since your garden isnt that old .... and you tend to favor large transplants. if i recall ....

on a shrub.. one would expect.. even bare branches.. to shade the trunk from winter sun .... just enough to avoid such ... so we would then reject that theory.. and have to dream up others ...

as a shrub.. you would do rejuventation pruning on these.. over the years.. and damaged parts.. are removed ...

its an intrigue.. but not something i would lose sleep on .. nor worry about.. and i know you are a worrier ... so try not to


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