Husqvarna leafblower won't even attempt to start

baymee(LehighValleyPA)January 26, 2013

The owner told me that his brand new Model 125 leafblower (Big box store) jammed with leaves and never started again.

I checked the normal stuff; flywheel key, gas, plug, new plug. The only thing I don't know is how much compression I would expect in this two-stroke blower.

If I pull it 3 times, it shows 30#. If I pull it 3 more times, it shows 60#. No matter how many times I pull the cord, it will never get higher than 70# with the throttle wide open.

Do these have some sort of compression release that I don't know about? Is this normal compression for these? Low.

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A compression release for easy starting was the impression I got. I had the same experience of little compression/resistance. But it would run initially after dressing the bottom of the piston skirt lightly scored (not in the compression area period). Then it failed again about a month later after good service/use. I refused to waste any more time due to feeling it was low end quality and worn out. Next, I question how machinery has been used and cared for when I am not the operator/owner.

I could not find any info on the low compression. But! I feel some compression builds after it fires/starts. Did you check the cyl through the exhaust port under the muffler? If it looks good, you might try a little 30 wt oil to see if the compression will build more and start.

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I think what happened is that he didn't use enough oil in the gas or over-revved it. Since it's junk, I won't pull the muffler, but that's a good way to see if the piston is scored.

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Brand new?? I would be taking it back for warranty repair, maybe he will get lucky? Or has he all ready tried that?

Only compression release I have seen on Husqvarna's are their chain saws with large displacement engines. IMO the blower motor is no more than weedwacker engine. Usually they don't have enough CCs to require compression release? but I'm just guessing not familar with that model.

You maybe right Blowers really work hard pushing air so if he didn't mix gas/oil right and got it too weak it wouldn't take long to burn it up. Sudden stop could also of screwed it up?

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On the smaller 24=28 cc units 115 to 125 lbs of compression is adequate on the larger units at least 160 lbs in optimium ,

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I don't think he wanted to take it back. Just chalk it up to experience instead.

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Gezz, what DS owner. I sure the box store has room full of ones that won't start under warranty. Unless he amitted he didn't mix the oil. then back to DS.

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DS? He is the General Manager of our plant, which is one of about 230 plants in the US/Canada. The corporate culture is that if we make a mistake, nobody gets in trouble, ever, as long as we are truthful about it. I guess he knows he didn't put enough oil in the fuel and doesn't want to lose sleep about taking it back under some false pretense.

To tell the truth, I wouldn't either.

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More Information than required. Could of just said he burnt it up? then I would of felt sorry for him. But beings I know the whole story just can't let it lie..

"O" that explains it! BDS, That's what I like to hear BDS's paying out the wazoo cause somebody wasn't there to take care of it for them. Just Cause he is management don't mean he earned it or knows anything useful. Just saying-- most promotions are Internal favors, Preception of hard work off backs of someone else, or nepotism. Sorry My glass is alway half empty.....when it comes to management.

And for the few that got their promotions through hardwork I "Salute You" (which he maybe one for all I know) Don't want anyone to think I have NO faith in management, just little. Note-Abbrevations: BDS (Big Dip S##T)

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