Rabbit poop in soil

cdal1October 6, 2013

I am getting ready to plant a bunch of elaegnus shrubs in my backyard to offer some privacy. I have constant access to rabbit manure from all of my rabbits I raise. What I want to know is when I dig the holes for the shrubs to go into should I mix the manure into the soil or just put it on top with the mulch, or do both?

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Rabbit manure is high nitrogen so keep it away from plant roots until it has aged. Best thing would be composing it before using it in any manner.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

transplants are in shock.. by definition ...

NEVER fertilize a stressed plant .. they are not stressed because they are hungry ...

if there is any indication that your soil is lacking something.. like nothing would grow there prior.. then have a soil test done.. and act accordingly ...

otherwise..study and follow everything at the link .. TO THE LETTER.. and that includes NO AMENDMENTS AT PLANTING ...

you are simply guessing.. and trying to love them .... and i have killed more things with too much love.. than i ever did with benign neglect.. but for proper water ..

just plant them properly ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Does it look like this?

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Rabbit poop is one of the very few animal manures that can be used straight from the producer directly to the garden without fear of 'burning' - it is considered a 'cold' manure and composting is not necessary.

Rather than mixing it directly into the planting hole, just plant in the existing soil and use the manure as a top dressing or mulch, the same as you would any other organic mulch product.. Any of your plants will benefit from this application. It has the same effect as an organic fertilizer, with a slow release of nutrients to the soil over time and with rainfall.

I used to raise rabbits as well and never had quite enuf bunny berries to fill all my needs :-)) It's magic stuff!!

Here is a link that might be useful: benefits of bunny poop

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