Homelite chainsaw bolt stripped

paulemar(Z6 Pittsburgh, PA)January 27, 2007

I have an old (at least 15 yers old) Homelite Super 2 chainsaw that still runs pretty good. However, after years of re-tightening I finally stripped the bolt that holds the bar on. The homelite web page doesn't show this part. It shows the nut, but not the bolt. Before I go tearing into things to replace it, does anyone know how it comes out? Does it just screw out or is it removed from the back somehow? I know I should just buy a new saw, and I plan to, but my old saw would be really good for rough work such as cutting 1" to 2" saplings close to the ground which I wouldn't do with a new one.



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canguy(British Columbia)

I have not worked on one of those for a long time but you should be able to access the bolt by removing the starter, fuel tank, and oil tank. If you can't source the proper bolt, filing the head on a 1/4 inch capscrew to fit the recess should work.
Good luck.

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paulemar(Z6 Pittsburgh, PA)


Thanks! I was hoping that I wasn't going to have to take it apart, but down deep I knew I was. I just thought I'd ask so as to avoid one of those Homer Simpson "D'oh" moments.



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billw(5b - Kansas)

I have a new bar bolt. If you have trouble getting the saw apart I may be able to help.

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paulemar(Z6 Pittsburgh, PA)


Thanks much for the offer. I shouldn't have trouble finding a replacement bolt as I have a very good hardware/equipment repair store pretty close. I think they are even a Homelite repair center. I usually don't have much trouble taking things apart, but putting them back together correctly is occasionally the challenge. Right now the weather is too cold and I have to drain the gas & oil then take it apart outside. If I have trouble, I'll get back to you for sure.


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Paul: My son sent me a birthday card with a cartoon on it, of a man sitting in his driveway, with his mower on a large box, parts scattered all around,and this caption:
So true!
Paul, i live near Pittsburgh, in the north hills, Franklin Park If you need any advice, or help, send me an e-mail. Check "my page" at top of the page, as shown

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I just did the same thing to my Dolmar, but I stripped it where it goes into the chainsaw so now it won't tighten down without the bolt pulling up out of the body or shell of the chainsaw. I just put two nuts on the bolt tightly together and then unscrewed the bolt right out without having to take it completely apart. Well I'm going to reply even though I just looked at the date you posted this and I'm sure you've already figured it out. I've got to figure out if they make a bolt with a size bigger on the end that goes into the chainsaw. If you found anything out that might be in the nature of my problem please let me know, thanks!

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Greg, I sent you an email.

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