Please Share Personal Experiences with The Little Giant Ladder

loger_gwJanuary 28, 2011

Please Share Personal Experiences with The Little Giant Ladder's Multiple Use. I am not a big fan of tools/equipment that will do multiple jobs. Usually it might do one good and others fair. loger

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masiman(z7 VA)

I don't have the Little Giant but I do have the Werner version. They a great ladders in their own way. The best thing about them is their portability and configuration options. What they are not, is light and inexpensive.

If you need a ladder that can reach high in an interior space and one that you want to easily carry somewhere and still have 20 some feet of reach, then these are great ladders. Not to mention that you can put them in A-frame/bipod setups on inclines that you can't do with traditional ladders.

If you need something light, less expensive and really don't care about transporting in a car, then you are probably better off with a traditional ladder.

I wouldn't trade mine. It stores nicely in our garage but it is a bit on the heavy side (22', Werner).

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No experience with the Little Giant, but I have a 14' (or maybe it's 12') Werner as described by Masiman. I got mine at a big box store on sale for $70, which I believe is a lot less than the Little Giant. My Werner is a good ladder.

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I have one. Its heavy but I love it. I don't know how I got by without one. You can make the Little Giant into the ladder you need just by pulling out a few locks. Its so simple to use and the wheels help transport the ladder as well. I like the fact that you can separate the ladder and actually make two smaller A frame ladders. Definitely worth the money and it is a very heavy duty ladder. When looking check out the rating on the ladder. I have the heavy duty one, but they make lighter duty ones as well. They are usually much cheaper.

My friend was building a garage and i showed up with my little giant to help him. I saw the look on everyones face and someone said is that the ladder on tv. Well we needed a A frame and I set it up as a A Frame. Then we needed it a little taller and within seconds it was a few feet taller. Then we needed an extension ladder, not a problem. Funny part is they asked me to leave the ladder for a few days and it seemed to be the first ladder anyone grabbed. As people used it, they realized the ladder wasn't a gimmick and in fact use pretty useful not to mention heavy duty.

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I use ladders periodically at work in people's houses. My main criteria is that they are light. The LG isn't light, and when I used it, it was awkward. When I worked for builders, if we couldnt reach it with a ladder, we put together staging. I s'pose using one in a stair well would be worth while. But I just used a couple of ladders and some planks when I dry walled mine.

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