Toro 624 Snowblower

nhguy261January 23, 2010

I have a Toro 624 snowblower that's been acting up. Last winter I had no problem starting it but when I engaged the auger, it would stall. I was able to keep it running by keepng the choke on. I finally got it to the repair shop a few weeks ago and he cleaned the carb., replaced part of the fuel hose, installed a new fuel shut-off valve and changed the oil. When I picked up the machine at the shop, he started it and it ran fine with the choke off.

Today I was cleaning up from the latest storm and noticed it sputtering, like a faint backfire, and suddenly it just stalled. I tried starting it but it wouldn't start. I pulled the plug and checked for a spark but I didn't see one. That could be due to the bright sunlight and snow glare. I let it sit for about 30 minutes while I, yes it's true, I used a shovel to move the snow. After my workout, I was able to start it but I had to fool with the choke to keep it running. After a few minutes it suddenly stalled again.

I'd appreciate it if anyone could provide some clues as to what's causing this machine to stall because shoveling snow is over rated.

Thank you

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It likely goes back to the carburetor. Was the fuel added new and clean? If so maybe there was debris in the tank or line that the shop did not clean out. There is another possibility that the fuel cap isn't venting. If you remove the cap momentarily- will the machine start and run well for a while?

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canguy(British Columbia)

Is the gas reasonably fresh and in a clean container?

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tomplum & canguy

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my message.

It was fresh gas when I brought it to the shop and it was stored in a clean container. Do you have a suggestion of how I can clean out the fuel tank? I suspect the repair shop had to drain the tank to replace the fuel line and shut-off valve.

I'll try loosening the fuel cap and see how the machine runs. It always stalled when there was a load on the machine. I don't recall seeing a vent hole in the cap however, there is a silver colored concave disk on the underside of the cap. Is that there to prevent the fuel from leaking out of the vent hole that I haven't seem yet?

I read somewhere that the gasket between the carb and engine could be damaged or the carb has loosened up.

It's just odd that it stalls sputtering, struggles to stay running or warning, it's immediate.

I just hope that it's not July by the time I figure this out.

Thanks again

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Many of these vent through the threads in the cap- so no hole. If the choke helps it continue running- then it is a good bet it is starving for fuel. If the cap thing doesn't work out- there just may be a bit of water/ debris in the bottom of the carb bowl. You may want to contact the shop to see if they will have another look if it's been a short time.

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This one's a little off the wall, but it worked for me.
Between snow storms, I blew an empeller bearing. So I broke the machine down and while waiting for the bearing, I decided to address a few other issues; I noticed an oil leak coming from one of the head bolts- so I pulled the tank. Checking the head bolts, I noticed that they loosened to 10-12 foot pounds. Being the metric equilivant of 5/16, I re-torqued to 20 foot pounds and viola! Problem solved! This is my story, GOOD LUCK!!

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I've had similar symptoms about 5 times in the 20 years I've owned my 624. Tunes out the carburetor screws back out with vibration causing it to run super lean. One time they were so loose, I was surprised it ran at all!

Not sure this is your issue since you recently had it services but I figured I'd post anyway for those who may experience this.

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