Named garden forms of Ranunculus ficaria?

Ispahan Zone6a ChicagoApril 23, 2013

Does anyone here have actual experience with the many garden cultivars of Ranunculus ficaria like 'Brazen Hussy', 'Collarette', 'Copper Knob', etc. I am always on the lookout for new (to me) spring ephemerals. In addition to pretty blooms many of these also have foliage that can rival a cyclamen.

The straight non-selected species Ranunculus ficaria can be a truly nasty, invasive weed and I would never knowingly plant it. The selected forms are supposedly non-spreading and only slowly clumping.

Can anyone tell me more about these? Weeds or potential treasures?


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They seed just as freely and the seedlings often revert. While I started out with only 'Brazen Hussy' and 'Dusky Maiden', I wound up with an assortment of mostly greenleaved but sometimes dark speckled, often mottled and now and again, darkleaved offspring.

I never really had an issue with them. They appeared early enough there wasn't much else blooming and disappeared when things really started to zing. And were extremely easy to weed out if they spread where I didn't want them. In an urban garden situation, I wouldn't hesitate to plant them again.

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I have several doubles. Rather slow growers, clumpers. Small gems, especially when scattered among blue anemones. One of them may be fertile, as there are some seedlings.

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Campanula UK Z8

absolutely - some of the creamy pale yellows are gorgeous 'Primrose', Elan, Hyde Hall and Randall's White - not so keen on the greens or the variagated foliage but they are really worth seeking out......along with hepaticas, another gorgeous genus.

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