log splitters

douglas1953(Z5 Marion, Iowa)February 2, 2006

Does any one know where to find a low cost gas powered log splitter? Most of the one's I have found are in the $900.00 to $1400.00. Seems pricey to me.



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turnkey4099(SE WA)

You can get them down in the $800 range. Anything below about that is not going to be a very good splitter. There are manual hydraulic, electric etc. The underlying problem is that it takes force to split wood. You can do it quick using horsepower or you can do it slow by applying the force slowly (manual hydro) but the reality is that you can't have both cheap and fast.

Harry K

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I believe that Harbor Freight sells refurbished versions of their $900 splitter for $600 from time to time. In any case, the reality is that the constituent parts of a chipper are reasonably costly all by themselves, so it is difficult to to get a splitter for much less than the prices you mention.

The manual hydraulic splitters and the electric splitters aren't really worth your time. They simply don't have enough power to split things that couldn't be split faster and easier with an axe.

In the past couple months there have been numerous discussions on this topic over at arboristsite.com, you may want to look there.

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Does anyone know anything about the SWISHER log splitter? 22ton?

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What about a HUSKEE 22 TON log spliter...does anyone own one of these? Tracktor Supply has them at $999.00..thanks Mike

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the huskee doesnt lock in the vertical postion so it is somewhat dangerous(if ur wood isnt completely on the base, or if ur on a hill the splitter can move quite qucikly and withh 22 tons of force.) ive heard a few good things about swisher. i know the troy-bilts are made by mtd but they look pretty nice w/ the hondo engine and 34 tons of power. although u dont need more then 16, 34 makes big stuff cower in the corner.


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canguy(British Columbia)

The Swisher works well but IMO the vertical shaft Briggs is not the best choice for this application.

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How about a used splitter? In my area it`s not unusual to see lightly used splitters going for $300-$500 certain times of the year, namely pre-Christmas and tax time.

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canguy(British Columbia)

People tend to over estimate their need for a splitter and the machines often sit unused.If it starts easily and the hydraulics work and don't leak, why not go for it.

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Even leaky hydraulics are easy and cheap to fix under most circumstances, if the price of the machine is right.

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Hi everybody, well first of all , appreciate for trying to help each other, about question. You can find cheaper log splitters, it depend on where you are going to use it, is at home or professional usage. IF first option than you can find, 4,7,12 ton log splitter, for under $600. this options is for electric and manual , gas powered log splitters.
Hope it helped someone

Here is a link that might be useful: log splitter

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The hydrolic cylinder on my woodsplitter goes forward very slowly & then slams back when reversed. What's my problem ?

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My "VOTE" is for a good used one vs a cheap new one. I also know the feeling on under use due to splitting about 4 cords for a friend and myself last winter. Then I spent 250.00 due to a drip and h/n touched it since. The rebuild was easy due to me taking just the (too heavy 50-75 lbs)cylinder to the hydraulic shop. 180.00 and worth it I fell due to not having the tools he had?? The final R&R and 5 gallons of oil + my labor gas etc came out to the 250.00.

You might rent one to get a feel and idea as to what you need. Good Luck! loger

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My vote goes to SP-LS22 22-Ton 6.5 HP Gas Powered Log Splitter price of just $1291 which is suitable to your range

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I have a 22 ton Swisher Log Splitter that I need some help with. I cannot keep it running without keeping the primer buttom push. If anyone know how to fix this please help.

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Well there is "cheap" then there is "value". Swisher log splitters are a great value and backed by a 70 year old company. They are American made and can compete with the imports that are flooding the market. For the home user they are great machines. If you are doing say 50+ cord a year I would check out the Iron & Oaks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Swisher Log Splitters

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