To Sara from Phoebus

brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)April 5, 2013

Hi Sara (from Phoebus)'s Bonnie (from Buckroe)!!

So happy to hear from a neighbor! I'm not sure which forum I was in when I said I lived in Buckroe so not sure you will see this but sure hope it was this one??!!

This is the only way I can reply to your email since you do not have the option for me to reply directly back to you - your mail has a 'generic' statement at the bottom saying "sender has chosen not to reveal his/her email address".

Am guessing you used a GardenWeb form to write me and I'm guessin you were able to do so since on "MY PAGE" I have included my email under "Send me an Email".

So send me ANOTHER email but this time, include YOUR personal email address within your email.

Then I can write you directly back, okay?

I would love to come see your garden. You have a WHOLE lot more going on than I do, so I'm sure it will be amazing !!!

Looking forward to hearing from you !!!
Bonnie (from

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

what she should do.. is go to your members page by hitting your name ... and use the SEND ME AN EMAIL LINK...

and include her direct email.. and perhaps a phone number ... in the private email ...

i wouldnt post that kind of info in the public forum ..

at first i though this was one of those spam emails i get.. where the guy just rec'd 22 million dollars.. and if dearly beloved, me ,send my bank numbers.. they will give me 11 million of it.. lol ...


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brit5467(7b/8a Coastal VA)

Thanks for the input, Ken. I didn't word it same as you but thought I basically told her same thing - to go to "MY PAGE". I never suggested she post anything on here (know better than

Anyhow, I'm happy to report she DID understand and replied with her email and so now we can hopefully become friends and actually get to visit each other's gardens !!!! She only lives 5 mins. away !! Sooo KOOL !!! I'm soooo tickled.

Hadda laugh at your spam example. I remember the VERY first time I got one of those years ago...MAN, I thought I was gonna be RICH !!! LOL


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