Snowblower oil mix

wmas1960February 25, 2011

Don't see a snowblower forum so thought I would post here. The other day, when getting gas I spilled some of the oil outside the can. Not a lot but can't be certain how much. Tonight while anticipating some snow, I took an extra bottle of oil, that I had, and measured a shot glass full and added it to the existing gas/oil mix.

I haven't put any into the machine yet. It is dry from our recent blizzard when I ran out. Before I use the new gas, I thought i would check if someone might know whether it would be safe to use what I have or should I try to get some fresh. What is the consequences if the gas/oil mix is too much oil or too little. Again, it is probably close but I just can't be sure either way. The machine is a Toro 210R that, I think is 50:1 and it is NEW so I wanted to make sure.

Thanks for any insight.

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I wouldn't worry about it. I use 32:1 mix in everything, including 50:1 units. It will smoke more and if you really overdid it, it might foul the plug.

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As Bay has indicated if you notice a little more smoke than usual , don't fret it . If the saw begins to heat up or lose power ensure to add additional oil . 50:1 ratio with today's premium grade 2-stroke oil is more than adequate . Keep an eye on the spark plug colouration , it should be medium brown not black and oily excessive oil mix or light tan colour which much to lean for prolonged cutting use .

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Thanks for the reassurances. As it happens, so far, the 6 to 9 inches. We were expecting turned out to be only about 3 which came in 1.5" batches that melted right away. I didn't even need to start the machine up. I am pretty confident that whatever the mix, it is reasonably close. +/-.

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Wmas , well were getting the white stuff you missed lol . Actually I incorrectly stated saw , but blower or trimmer even just keep a good eye on plug colouration and you can't go wrong . 50:1 is pretty well the current safe mix ratio for all 2-stroke small engines . Have fun Bro !

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