sealing concrete drive

waterbird(n.w.fla 8)February 18, 2006

Hi,not sure if this is correct forum for this but......

I had a new driveway and 14x20 patio poured about 3 month's

ago,should I seal these and if so,what to use?I have 2 gallon's of thompsons sealer that I had left over from my

privacy has a picture of a concrete block along

w/ wood fence...will it work ok or should I not seal it?

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I would seal it;in the long run,it will keep the concrete cleaner,and make it last longer...especially if you live in the freeze zone......No matter what you use,it won't last forever,you'll probably have to do it once a year,to maintain, do your research and get something good.......

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aesanders(8b Alachua, FL)

I would get a concrete hardner. Only needs to be applied once. It will increase the PSI strenght of the concrete chemically and work as a sealer in it's own right. Many of these products around. Most paint shops like Sherwin Williams or Porter Paints carries a concrete harner of some tyoe. Worth checking into anyway.

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machiem(Z8 WA)

I wouldn't bother, it's only a driveway and a patio. Plus, you live in Florida so freezing isn't a concern.

You'll still get oil stains, cracks and blemishes.

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I'm in central Fl and the mildew is terriable on our driveway, the sprinklers and rain. So coating them is well worth the cost if you want to keep the fresh look of concrete..I would let it cure out good, not sure how long that takes 6 months?

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Seal it. But, don't use the Thompson's stuff... it's not even worth using on wood, but especially not on concrete no matter what the picture implies.

Go to a concrete supply house and get the right kind of sealer... there are all different ones that have different solids content. Talk to the counter help and tell them your application. They will sell you what you need.

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Seal it, don't use the Thompsons though.
I am in PA with worse conditions, I use the UGL waterbased concrete driveway and patio sealer. Goes on with a bug sprayer. leaves a really nice sheen. powerwash first then seal easy clean up. Remember it is only a driveway and a patio that can be easily kept looking good, but it costs alot to replace.

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You should use a siloxane sealer because it is repels water, de-icing salts and is breathable.

See what Tim Carter, a nationally syndicated columnist has to say about them

And here is our product too,

Here is a link that might be useful: Concrete sealer

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Axel(12b/Sunset H2)

Do not use Duckback Products DB-6510-4 Clear Satin Concentrate Sealer, we tried to seal our driveway with it, it did absolutely nothing to seal it. After a year it looks horrible, and we have to start over in sealing it, this time hopefully with a different product.

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