Stihl 028 Super Parts Saw

blueberrymuzikFebruary 12, 2013

I'm Looking for a Stihl 028 Super Parts saw. I recently purchased my 028 Super at an estate sale that was partially disassembled. As I began to get it back together, I realized that there are several pieces missing or damaged.


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I would think the local tree trimmers possibly have extra Stihl parts and sick saws. Stihl seems to be the #1 saw used by the Pro tree trimmers in this area. Such as: The recent trimmer that I gathered wood off the curb from offered a saw to a friend. They had a variety of all Stihl saws. They were lucky I was not there for the offer but might call him. LOL!! My point is, I feel they have a turnover rate on parts/saws vs having saws repaired after so many hours.

I feel some local Flea Markets would be a good source from past experiences.

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Thanks for the tip. Great idea!

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blueberrymuzik, Can you post a picture with etc. pointing where parts are missing? There might be some generic parts that Pros will share that will fit your Stihl 26 and point you toward. I did see that Stihl 26 and 28 share most parts.

Most of all! Do you have enough of the saw to test the compression and fire or history to know it will run with the needed parts??

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I purchased this saw at an estate sale. When I got it home and began to disassemble it, I realized that it had been disassembled before and many parts were either robbed or just left off when it was put back together. The coil assembly is gone, oil pump gear is gone as well as many of the screws for the covers. It has a totally destroyed piston & cylinder. The coil spring inside the air filter somehow came loose and was sucked down the intake and up into the cylinder. That left many deep scratches inside the cylinder wall. The damage to the piston was awful. In summary, I'm looking for a p/c, coil, oil pump gear, and screws.

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blueberrymuzik, This is not sounding good. Was this your first time to purchase a combustion engine? Do you feel or know you can balance this purchase vs purchasing a proven good working saw? Was a good working saw your objective and you pulled the rope to check it vs this surprise? I�ll wish you the best in this matter.

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loger, were you drunk at the time you wrote your last reply? Your last response was a personal attack. I hope that you are not representative of the mainstream of the members here.

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blueberrymuzik, Please accept my apology for wherever I said that offended you. There was no harm intended vs me not understanding this matter.

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I would take off the bar and chain and look for a new power head. What you have sounds too iffy to warrant rescuing. BTW , Loger is good people, lighten up, newb

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Thanks for the suggestion.

For what it's worth- this was NOT my first combustion engine, nor my first non-running chainsaw. This is a saw that had been disassembled by the previous owner, then reassembled minus some of it's parts. It actually had 70# of compression and appeared to be a good project saw. It wasn't until I got it home and removed the piston/cylinder that I realized what had happened.

Just because someone is new to the forum doesn't mean that they are new to things mechanical.

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blueberrymuzik, You made some good points that cleared some of my concerns that I was too short in asking.

1. I was trying to see if this saw showed itâÂÂs conditions and was sold/priced accordingly?

2. It reminded me of an As-Is car I purchased and the dealer wanted to know when I would be visiting.

3. I purchased the car to realize they h/n been honest by charging the Batt due to a known short.

4. At this point they pointed to âÂÂAs-Isâ and suggested I use my 2 yr Ext Warr I purchased.

5. The Dist Att pointed me to a Law, As-Is âÂÂstill had to have X amount of valueâ related to the sale.

6. I had 10 hrs in tracing the intermitting short. A rotted spring (due to AC condensation) moving around in a bad relay.

7. The Dealer paid my 30.00 an hr rate (80s). The Ext Warr and Volvo Dealer vs seller did a lot to make the low mileages car safer. The Ext Warr starts after the 1st 30 days that the dealer should cover.

I hate to say some people are not honest and some d/n know their productâÂÂs conditions from no inspections, trades, Etc.. That was a Lifetime lesson. Have A Good Day!

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loger & andyma, thanks very much for your latest postings. I realized after I got the saw home and began disassembling it that it wasn't as much of a bargain as I had hoped for. It had obviously been on someone else's work bench before I got it. Over the course of the past couple of weeks, it has been a wonderful "organ donor" for other saws. Someday, I hope to find a rebuildable 028 Super- this one isn't it.

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