Snowblower Choke-Knob Position ?

robert11(usda 5)February 15, 2006


I have a new Ariens snowblower; has a Tecum. engine and is the "Compact" series. Starts fine in the full-choke,

(max cw) to the right position.

Works fine, as long as the Choke Knob is in the middle position. (seems like there are 3 detents for it)

I realize it should be all the way over to the left for normal running, max ccw, which is apparently the no-choke or full open position.

But, if I do put it all the way to that position, it dies.

Very happy, though, in the middle position.

Any thoughts on ?

Safe to run that way ?



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Running only with the choke in the center position indicates the mixture is too lean (too much air and not enough fuel). I would suggest calling the dealer and arranging to return the unit for proper setup.

Did you purchase from a full service dealer or HD? If you did not purchase from a full service dealer, you can check if the carburator is snugly attached and also if the fuel shut off is turned all the way to ON, also if there is a kink in the fuel line. Other causes include dirty fuel or a misadusted fuel float in the carburator. Weak ignition will sometimes act like this as well.

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The most likely problem is dirt or some other kind of obstruction in the carb.

I wouldn't run it that way for long.

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