Murry Snow Blower problems

fmart322(Z6SNJ)February 11, 2010

Hello all.

I own a 2nd hand Murry 8hp snow blower . Well, yesterday during the blizzard it stopped throwing snow. The motor is still running fine and the belts seem to have decent tention on them. Sheer bolts are still in place. I really think I destroyed something in the auger gear section. I removed the bolt where it looks like you add grease or oil and I saw small pieces of brass shavings.

My question is how difficult would it be to fix this and how much would parts cost? Also, are these parts difficult to get?

Also, I'm unable to find an owners manual online for this machine so taking care of it is just a guess to me. I also don't know what year it was built. Here are the numbers on my snow blower, if anyone can help steer me to the right site for info that would be great.

8hp 24" electronic start,

self propelled,

6 speed

Model# G2484040

Code# 6353

Serial# S004488340326

I did find these pictures online that I'm pretty sure is the same model as mine.

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I have one in the shop with the same problem. You'll have to remove the left and right auger by removing the bearing blocks which are probably bolted externally.

Then the whole assy should pull off the shaft. If you're lucky, you can split the case and get repair parts. Otherwise, figure a few hundred for the assy.

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