Snowblower - auger problems

grassy(Z6 PA)February 1, 2011

I have a Craftsman 8.5 HP 26-inch 2-stage snowblower (536.886191 - built by Murray). It's about 10 yrs old.

I had a problem where the impeller got jammed up with ice a few weeks ago. I smelled something strange, so I opened up the cover over the belts and found that the auger belt was frayed.

I replaced the auger belt, and used the blower on the next snow and after using it for about 1.5 hrs, the new auger belt snapped.

I put another one on and adjusted the auger pulley wheel to insure the belt is not tensed when not engaged. Then I took a closer look inside while it was running.

I think the problem is that the auger (and impeller) is turning even when I do not have the auger lever engaged.

It looks like there is some sort of "brake" or guide that presses against the bottom wheel/belt when the lever is not engaged, but I guess it's not "braking" and as the belt turns even when not engaged. It rubs against the belt and gets really hot - to the point that you see smoke. Eventually the belt fails due to this.

I can't figure out what is failing to stop the auger/impeller from turning when the lever is not engaged.

Any ideas?

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You might try a few drops of engine oil on the bearing shaft of that pulley! Don't get any on the belt, if possible, and don't put on too much. Try spinning it by hand. (Engine not running!) Disengage the belt tightness, to do that. Those pulleys get no attention, and finally stick.

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Have you checked the adjustment to make sure that you don't have too much tension on the belt when engaged? You want to put full tension on the belt when fully engaged with just a little bit more to spare, but not much.

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