The trees from Hell

mori1(5b/6a)April 3, 2012

First of all, let me state that I love trees. They are one of the few things I'm not allergic too. However, every spring I have to deal with three maple trees that dumps their seeds everywhere. Its a good thing I can't go back in time and might the moron who decided to plant these damn things everywhere. The streets, sidewalks, cars and yards get covered with seeds. I wait until after all the seeds have dropped before I do any work in my yard. Then spend the rest of the growing season pulling maple seedling out of my garden. I swear, only the devil could take a beautiful tree and make me hate it so.

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magz88(5a - Central Ontario)

We have that problem too. Very annoying - plus they aren't even nice maples they are Manitoba maples!

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tepelus z6a SW MI

Try having about 13 silver maples in your yard. Not only are the helicopters, as I call them, are a mess, but the flowers and limbs that fall are a mess as well. Leaves I can handle in the fall, good for mulch. But those dang helicopters. Then there's the neighbor's maples.


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Same problem here. The sugar maples in the front yard are pretty but they litter all over the porch. Then they pile up in between the slats and GROW!

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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

I have three 60' Douglas firs on my property line (but belonging to neighbor) they drop needles, cones, catkins and branches. Plus they suck every drop of moisture out of the soil and shade the entire house.

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I can't image 13, you have it far worse than me.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

do i need to offer my thoughts on maple.. lol


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Maple seedlings? And so many complains ? You should consider yourself lucky. Imagine a giant BIRCH and POPLAR right next to your house. You would not only have all the things mentioned before, but the half of your house would be covered in aphid poop. A step on the stairs and your shoes are glued firmly on the stairs. You touch the handrail and you're glued to it. All the sewage system filled with roots blocking you know what. And to top this all, you can add the seedling of ilex(holly). I would prefer maples anytime. The seedlings are easy to pull up, most of them die if you step on them right after germination.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

We have many beech trees and all except one are out in the woods far from the house. But that one, is near the house and patio and I hate it so much. Eventually dh will take it down, he has at least limbed it up but he doesn't comprehend the vileness of a wrongly situated plant so isn't in a hurry.

This years leaves are over with so I have a year to get it out which I may do myself. I've taken out smallish ones already.
My little red saw is slow but sharp.

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Oh the dream I've had of evil thing befalling those 3 maple trees. If I could figure out a way to kill them, I would.

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dandy_line(3B (Brainerd, Mn))

Another thing-never ever plant an oak tree next to your main entry way. Starting in August, the acorns start dropping all over til you can't walk on the steps or the lawn without spending days trying to get them out of the grass, etc. A giant mistake that happened 50 years ago for me. Too late to cut it down now because of the shade.

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A chainsaw works good on mine, and they make good fire wood. I do resent the cost of renting a chipper to dispose of all the slag. Al

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We have Red Maples in our front yard and so far they have not been creating any volunteers except for three or four that have come up in my container plants. This year they're dropping more seeds than they ever have before though so I start finding more.
The seeds from Red Maple are much smaller than the ones our Silver Maple dropped. Those were much worse to volunteer also and we had it cut down after it was damaged in an ice storm a few years ago. I was glad to have an excuse to get rid of it. What convinced me that the problem would only get worse ... I saw a house in town one day that had a huge Silver Maple in their yard and so many seeds had gone down into their gutters that they had clogged it and a foot tall row of green encircled the top of their house. It looked like a Chia Pet.

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Trust me if the trees were on my property they would have been gone. However, they on the neighbors who are on either side of me.

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I had to deal with some trees from Hell too. But they weren't maples. Ironically, they are, or were, named Tree of Heaven, Ailanthus altissima. I bought a house that had five of these invasive trees in the back yard. Every year sprouts would pop up everywhere. I finally got tired of them and did something about them. I drilled holes around the base of the trunks and filled them with stump killer. Once the trees were dead I had them cut down and then treated the trunks with more stump killer. I haven't had a single Tree of Heaven sprout for over a year now.

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onthebrinck(6 Central New Jersey)

You haven't met the Tree from Hell until you've seen this one. I'll take a picture when I can. It has small heartshape leaves (somewhat like a ginkho) and now, clusters of white flowers --- and it is quite beautiful. BUT, it produces suckers that are virtually indestructible over the entire area of its coverage. These mini-trees grow up and through all the shrubs that surround the base, out into the lawn, even in the darkest corners of the foundation. And there are thousands of them growing at about 1/2" per day! I dare not spray them since they are connected to the mother tree, and pulling them out is difficult. For everyone I pull, 2-3 sprout up. I just weed whack those I can, and prune to the ground those in the bushes.

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terrene(5b MA)

Did I click on Perennials and somehow magically get transported to the Tree forum?? LOL!!

Onthebrink, sounds like some sort of Poplar? They sucker extensively from the root system to form colonies.

Tepelus, 13 Silver maples! Ackkk! I thought that 3 was bad - although one is 20 feet off the SW corner of my house, and every year requires an extra gutter cleaning for those dang maple samaras.

And then there's the GINORMOUS Pin Oak right over my deck and skylights, which could be the tallest tree in the entire neighborhood. It is constantly dropping something, mostly sticks sticks and more sticks on my deck and roof.



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The trees in my yard when I moved in are the pin oak which I like to refer to as my tree of life. Only produces seeds every two to three years but your right, it likes to drop sticks. The next is the sweet gum which I love in the fall but not so much when I fill, Two and half yard bags with its seeds every year but so much easier to deal with then those STUPID MAPLES.

I of course put in the Japanese ivory silk, spring snow crabapple( no fruit so no seeds) and white crape myrtle tree.

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

Yes the maple seedlings are a pain but what I really, really, really hate are the buckthorn seedlings the birds plant. They dine on them at my neighbors and then do the fly and drop leaving me with a gazillion of the #### things and they grow in dense shade too. Should I tell you now how I really feel?

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aachenelf z5 Mpls

The happiest day of my life was the day the City chopped down the nearly century old American Elm on the Blvd next to my house. I hated that tree! When the seeds fell, they fell like snow - covering every square inch of my yard and garden with tissue thin round seeds to a depth of almost an inch. They stuck to your shoes, they blew into the house every time you opened the door and every single one of them sprouted in the garden. Each year I could count on pulling thousands of Elm seedlings until the snow once again returned. They sprouted in the middle of perennial clumps. They sprouted in every crevice between bricks and stones. They covered the surface of the pond. And they fell for weeks.

The Dutch Elm beetle is my hero.


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