Leyland Cypress Hedge?

zooba72November 12, 2012

Hello - I'm hoping someone can provide some information about Leyland Cypress. I have been trying to identify a deer proof evergreen hedge for Zone 7 (long island). I'm considering Leyland Cypress but have some concerns about it's ability to be shaped into a tight hedge. Is it difficult to do, or is it just a matter of diligent pruning? I've seen some impressive pictures, but have never seen an actual example locally. If anyone can provide feedback and suggestions, like spacing, pruning requirements, etc... That would be appreciated. Also, I have heard some people say that Leyland's have a short life span, like 20 years? Does anyone have a comments on that?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

well time to teach some things.. and it has nothing to do with where you post ....

its a conifer...

it is a tree ..

but technically.. its not a shrub ...

anyway.. if you try the search engine within GW .. upper right.. you might find a couple thousand posts about LC ... which i can sum up by saying.. there arent a lot of peeps here who approve of them ... for a multitude of reasons ...

if you wish to avoid a couple hundred posts berating this plant.. you might want to come at it from the other direction.. and in a new post ... say.. in the conifer forum ... post a picture.. and ask suggestions about how to solve your problem ... as to what plants you might select ... you might get further along in your quest to solve your problem ....

good luck ....


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Thanks, I'll repost in the Conifer section. I did review a bunch of the Leyland threads prior to posting and understand the concerns. I have started several threads about my quest for a deer resistant evergreen hedge. I'll post some pics of the target area this time.. Thx

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