Snow Blower not staying on

stengoFebruary 9, 2010

Please help. I have a 22 inch MTD snow blower that will not stay running. I get the engine to start but it quickly turns off and then will not start again. I have used this machine this winter for the December storm in Philly, but last weekend I could not get it to work and we are expected to get another round of snow this week. Does anyone have any ideas of what the problem could be? Thank you in advance for any suggestionms and help.

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Probably a blocked main jet. See pictures for where to look for blockage.

Shown are 3 of the typical jets and the small holes. All 3 are Tecumseh jets. Briggs jets are similar with the center-bottom hole and one on the side. All these holes need to be fully clean and open for the engine to run correctly.
Some jets only have the center-bottom hole.

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Thank you. I am not mechanically inclined, so is this something I could fix on my own or need to take to somewhere to get fixed? Where is it located at on the motor? Thank you again for the pictures and any more help you could give me.

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The jets are in the carberator. Try to get a schematic. Not very hard just remember where everything goes.

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Shirtguy : Start with ensuring the gas line is turned on . Secondly ensure fresh gas is in the tank . I would put in some concentrated gas line cleaner / dry gas combination additive. Just in-case you have a varnish build up or moisture in the current fuel system. Try this 1st let the
additive sit for approx 30 minutes then attempt restarting
the unit. You may have to try to start it more than once , should it stall again . If it does not start on the 3rd attempt then a thorough car cleaning and partial disassembly may be required. Let us know what you find out ..Ty .

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That jet is sticking out of the bottom of the carb. If you're careful, the float bowl won't fall off when you remove the jet. The bowl can be tricky to get back on if the O ring moves, so try not to touch the bowl.

Of course, the gas has to be shut off or drained, and you'll get a small amount out of the bowl when you remove the jet.

If you get the jet out, take it to a repair shop and ask them to clean it or replace it. Snug up the jet pretty good upon re-install. You don't want leaks.

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I have a simplicity model450 (1984) with a 3.5 tecumseh engine. I use the can of compressed air (for my compluter) to blow out all the small holes

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