What is this and...................

bossjim1November 1, 2011

is it going to take over my garden? I traded for it in the spring. The guy I got it from called it 'Mile high Daisy' because Denver was the first place he ever saw it. Of course, that was no help in identifying it. It is now 6' tall and blooming. It has put out 3 runners that are also blooming. I suspect it is a wild flower of some sort. The pictures are of one of the runners.



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Looks like a Helianthus. You can dig around the roots - if it is sending out growths (runners) towards the side, then it will be aggressive. If it just has it's own clump of roots, then it will just spread by seed. You might want to wait until it is done blooming to do this.

Some species of Helianthus are runners and some aren't.

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texasflip(Nacogdoches, TX z8)

I gonna say Helianthus angustifolius (which grows wild in my parents' backyard in Friendswood...) but the leaves are little too wide.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Swamp sunflower.

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Someone gave me one that looked like that and they called it October Sunflower. Probably a made up name. I got rid of it because it became a problem spreading by runners.

I got rid of Jerusalem artichokes for the same reason.

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It may be Swamp Sunflower, but the leaves are nearly twice as wide as any picture I can find of Swamp Sunflower.

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You could try asking someone in your local chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas.

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bfff_tx(z8b TX)

I'm going to say it's a Heliopsis. As to which variety, ???
Cheers Kim - BFFF

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Definitely looks like on of the Jerusalem Artichoke strains (Sunchoke) Helianthus tuberosus
I think I got mine from Lin or Carrie and it took over a pretty good size bed
Do you still have it? I know this is a lil late, LOL

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