Please share tips on splitting matted/stringy pecan firewood

loger_gwFebruary 10, 2012

Please share tips on splitting matted/stringy pecan firewood (as splitting green, seasoned and Etc.). I just found a ton above "My New 12" Dia Limit" and the 12" ate my splitterâÂÂs lunch or mine today (due to stringy vs force). Not to mention what my friend has here or took home before processing (from a street over). I will agree with one fellow, "it works best shorter than firewood cuts that are better for BBQ". We have too much for BBQ and would like to split it vs cutting blocks.

My past effort on large, seasoned pecan was to make a 4" deep cut to give wedge & sledge starting leverage and hired a young fellow to split the 8-10" blocks. I asked him to leave blocks for cutting if they d/n split in 2-3 blows. With a 9-12 ton log splitter now, I have to do something different still. Large White Oak and Pecan have caused repairs twice vs 12â dia hardwoods of all types. loger

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Do you feel cutting the 24" dia logs into 8-10" slices will be worth trying to split with my 9-12 ton splitter w/o damaging it again? An alternative will be to try Home Depot's Rental 25 ton vertical splitter to eliminate lifting if it will split the logs. They have offered a scheduled trial before renting @ 65.00 per 4 hrs or 95.00 per 24 hrs. With it only having a 6-8" wedge I really d/n see it working, even taking layers from the outside. I'm thinking sawing 8-10" blocks will be the best option except my friend that hauled in the large logs, small fireplace w/n handle the blocks vs split 4-6" dia split logs.

I knew to only get 12" dia logs and smaller that the tree trimmer left on the curb for the City's monthly bulk pickup. I was also questioning if the City would take the logs but I feel the would in the 2-3' lengths. We need a Saw Mill LOL! loger

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Working Large Pecan Clean Logs (no limb's forks) was no problem for my small 9-12 ton splitter. If they are cut shorter related to their dia to clear/cut stringy/matted area. Such as: I have a 21" long, 12" dia log split into quarters but the strings are still holding the log together. I have 15" or less longs, 12-20" dia that split due to the splitter cutting the stringy/matted wood (a good hatchet is still handy). Most of all, I feel the safety to the splitter is adjusting and using less Rod Travel to the wedge, to split/cut the strings and appears as less labor with the short travel (if you d/n hit the wedge LOL!). loger

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