Suggestions on tying climbing roses to siding

plantaddict01(5b)April 16, 2012


This is my first post but I have lurked for years and found everyone so helpful here. I finally have an issues that I haven't been able to find a good answer to.

My house has vinyl siding and along one long side of it there is nothing but siding, no windows, nothing interesting. I have a few The Generous Gardner on order and I would like to train them to climb up this side of my house.

Has anyone ever found a great way to train roses to siding? I am not going to use any lattice or trellis because it is such a long and high space it just won't look right. My initial though was to find those siding hangers or clips that are out around the holidays for hanging decorations. Put a few of those up and run wire between them to tie the roses to. Any thoughts or better ideas? Thanks!!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

If it was my house, I would check with a reliable siding company and see what they would advise about attaching anything to your siding...this is your house, a valuable you want to risk damaging it?

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Thanks! That seems so obvious but truth be told it had not crossed my mind. I was so blinded by roses! Thanks again!!

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john_ca(CA US9/SSZ14)

I installed a trellis system at my home this weekend for a number of roses that I think might work for you and may provide advantages over what you are considering.

I got some heavy duty "crown bolts" (from Home Depot-kind of looks like a question mark without the dot below), and screwed them into the bottom of the fascia board. I then took a piece of corral feedlot fencing panels (these are the rigid panels not the rolls; they are 16 feet long and come in a number of different heights-you can get these at Tractor Supply-around $25-35 each)and simply suspended the panels from 2 of the crown bolts. I cut most of these in half with a hack saw, as I wanted some of them to only suspend downwards 8 feet, but I have 2 that I left full length to support the rose Mermaid that is growing up a wall in a section of our home that is 2 stories high. I then pounded a length of rebar into the ground on either side of the panel and tied the panel to it with baling wire, to prevent the bottom from swinging. If you ever need to paint the house or get behind the trellis, you can simply unhook the panel from the crown bolts and lean it forward. I am making this type of trellis for 2 Marachel Niel plants, 2 Mermaid plants, one Awakening, and one Jaune Desprez. Since these roses are going on to their third season, most of these trellis's may be largely covered at the end of this growing season. These panels are galvanized and durable; I believe these trellis's should last a very long time. For me, this soluton is cheap, fast, and easy.

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kidhorn(7a MD)

Attaching a rose or any plant to siding is a bad idea. It will try to grow into your siding. It will attact insects close to your home interior. It will keep the wall wet which can lead to wood rot. It may end up staining the siding.

It's best to construct a trellis or something similar at least two feet away from the wall. If the rose grows well, you won't see the trellis.

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Thanks everyone! Great points...I am ditching the attaching them to the house idea. Working out a trellis system it is.

That sounds like a great idea john_ca!

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