Need multi-spray nozzle with GENTLE mister

greendreamhomeFebruary 25, 2014

I've repaired my Nelson 6-spray nozzle a few times, and I think it's on its last legs. I just bought a replacement from Dramm, and while the Dramm is very good in many respects, its "mist" setting isn't gently and misty!

Before I buy a brand-new Nelson or other brand (because Nelson could have changed over the past few years) I'd like to know if anyone has any recommendations for a multi-sprayer with a truly gentle mist-y mist.

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Please post a link to your nozzle or a picture.

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Here's a photo of the Nelson sprayer that had the great mist setting. (I say "had" because this morning when I turned it on the flower wheel just blew off!) I haven't found this exact sprayer online.

The new sprayer is a Dramm:

Overall the Dramm is great, but it has a very, very disappointing mister. Not only is the mist too hard to really be mist, but it leaks large drops of water, too. And it's not just one sprayer that does it; both of them do!

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Thanks for the Pics and I know your need now that I see your product. We use that product the best we can. I have a weed killer/liquid edger sprayer that I wanted more control of a weep on. I added an in-line valve in the line just before the spray head valve. This control could help the volume at the end vs off/on handle and nozzle adjustment. A PVC valve would work but larger but not bad 2-3â away.

I got the idea from helping friends spray paint cars. They needed a valve control at the gun to get the flow of air pressure at the gun vs what was coming off the compressorâÂÂs regulator 50â away.

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Dramm have Fog nozzles that provide a very gentle mist. Couple one of those with their on-off attachment, and possibly an extension wand, and you should be in business.


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